Acer Aspire One D270

A new 10 inch netbook

Last month, Acer let it be known that they were set to receive preorders from people interested in their Aspire One D270. This netbook of theirs is the first model to feature Intel’s Cedar Trail processor architecture. From its amount of DDR3, processor and low weight, the device sounds like a dream that’s ready to offer you unforgettable experiences. But does it really? We wanted to see that and so threw ourselves head on in our standard battery of analysis. The review below is what we got out of these tests.

Unique external design

We only heard good stuff about Acer’s Aspire One D257. One of our friends owns it and says he’s very satisfied with it. Until we check that one, we’ll settle with this new offering. The Aspire One D270 got us convinced that it was one of the best netbooks of last year. And that it still is. That is all due to the sort of processor it has going for itself. But more on that a bit later. Right now we will attack the subject of design.Acer-Aspire-One-D270

The Aspire One D270 has some unique looks. Depending on whether you look at it from above, from the sides and so on, it will appear different. The underside angle offers the view of plastic metal painted in the laptop’s color. This material is undeniably strong. From the angle offered by the lid, this device has a simple shape. From its side, the D270 looks bulky. But that is only an illusion in the end, because of its height. The colors which Acer chose for this new model are white, light blue, red and dark maroon. These selections are very welcome instead of that boring black. Boring for some, of course. Or who known, maybe for the majority. The lid opened just fine and everything else related to design was in order.

Backlight display

The lid of the One D270 opens up to reveal the same keyboard used on previous models. So you get easy to press buttons and the same old annoying con. Directional buttons sit crammed with the ones for Home, Pg Up, Pg Dn and End. But this time, the touchpad is finally better. The ease of use was great.

Above the keyboard is a 10″ LED display with 1024 x 600 pixels. With backlight. Going with it in the garden and using it when the sun is up is a no-no. Because the screen is, you guessed it, glossy. For the love of all that’s gadget, we hope to see fewer and fewer glossiness on any kind of device in the very near future. From what we tested, colors were superb. And viewing angles were more than acceptable.

Intel Atom N2600 processor

Multitasking, speed and other important elements get to shine via a dual core Intel Atom N2600 processor. As opposed to the model released last year, this one’s offering streaming and playback in full HD. An Intel GMA 3600 graphics card and 1GB of DDR3 clocked at 1066MHz round up pretty nicely the rest of the specifications.

Among the laptop’s pros there’s also battery life. During the review time, the netbook functioned for about 8 hours. That was before we did more complex things with it. So that more intensive activities will reduce battery life to 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Review conclusion

Now, the price for the Acer Aspire One D270 depends on the color you choose for your model. The white version is $284,61, the red one is $307,99 and the aquamarine one costs $279,99. But, whatever model you buy, this is definitely a laptop with great potential.

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