A speaker dock for iPod

Altec has been in the business for a very long time and their products have found many avid buyers who then became the company’s longtime fans. In this review we’ll have a look at the Lansing iMT630 Classic, a speaker dock for people who are on the road most of their time and wish to carry such a device with them.

This is a more versatile system than others made by the same Altec and its price – $149.95 – will make you dream of one day owning it. The unusual looks are certainly a plus, but the fact that it doesn’t work with iPod Touch, iPhone, Android phone or iPad via Bluetooth might keep the dock from becoming popular with the crowds.

Glossy design

The black Altec Lansing iMT630 Classic is glossy, so fingerprints will immediately attach themselves to it. There’s an iOS dock socket on the system’s bottom and, when you press it, it jumps in and out of the body. A Power, a Volume Up, a Volume Down and a Source button are all there; the last one lets the user choose between a docked iPhone / iPod and the Aux input.

The panel on the back of the iMT630 features a kickstand that can be flipped out and a storage space of the magnetic kind to be used for a remote makes its appearance; this was a great idea, since it prevented us from losing the device’s really small remote control while performing our usual benchmarks on it.

And, while we’re at this point in our test for this article, we must stress out the impression this remote control left on us: all the necessary buttons were in place, the built was durable, the intuitive approach was fully functional, but we felt the material was very cheap and we certainly didn’t approve of the membrane-like keys that brought a lot of annoyance when pressed.Altec-Lansing-iMT630-Classic

7-band equalizer

This model was very easy to use, as it wasn’t terribly overcrowded with features, ports and such, like other speaker dock systems. In the future an iOS application is to be expected, and with it the user will have access to a full 7-band equalizer that should bring further attention to the system.

The fact that this speaker dock is not as large as others and has 2-inch drivers reflects itself in the sound performance. We turned the volume button to the highest level and the deep bass wasn’t handled at all well, which was a bad surprise, especially keeping the price in mind. Distortion was also a problematic thing, so it’s indicated to refrain from listening to songs with heavy bass. Otherwise, the performance was good.

Free apps available

Songs with moderate bass sound very good and those featuring frequencies of high levels brought the same very good quality sans too much brightness which could hurt our ears.

Free apps especially designed for Altec devices worked on the iMT630 Classic and the ones we preferred were the following: Alarm Rock and Music Mood EQ (for adjustments in the audio). The battery worked perfectly for around 7 hours and 15 minutes, which was less than other gadgets. A word of advice: keep the volume low if you want better battery life.


Keep in mind that the latest Altec Lansing iMT630 Classic iPod speaker dock has some tiny cons, but they can’t take away from the general good performance the unit offers.

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