Asus Essentio CM6870

An entry level gaming PC

Escaping reality by playing games is the sort of drug of choice for many consumers. Even if they just started gaming, they want something to help them immerse completely into what they are doing. Gaming desktops are some of the solutions to that. And thankfully, there are many models to choose from. In this next review we will talk about the Asus Essentio CM6870. This $999 is an entry-level model. The manufacturer who thought of it fitted it with many a components of good quality. And yet, they kept the price at an affordable level.

Blu-ray combo drive included

The Essentio CM6870 fools you a bit about its design. It’s not as flashy as others, but that is only because it is a system that functions to serve its owner as best as possible. For that it is decked in a matte aluminum material of simple design. Where all other gaming desktops come covered in all sorts of extravagant looks, this model with a black chassis keeps it simple but effective nonetheless. Which does not make it unusable for dealing with applications abounding in intense graphics. So, about its design in a nutshell: it’s kept at a simple level. If you mind that, you will most definitely miss while it hides behind such ordinary looks.Asus-Essentio-CM6870

The Asus Essentio CM6870 keeps its free expansion bay and a CM 6870 Blu-ray combo drive well hidden underneath its plain exterior. This discovery made the unit even more appealing to us after we started our tests.

Good connectivity options

Between the front and the back, the system found enough space to add connectivity options. Here they are: 16 USB ports (out of which 10 6 are 2.0 and the remaining 6 are 3.0), a media card reader, DVI and HDMI ports, audio-out and microphone-in jacks and one eight-channel audio panel. The latter is ideal for use with surround-sound systems.

Expansion space on the inside is possible for this Essentio CM6870. To add some, we simply removed 2 screws located on one of the system’s sides. And when we finished, we discovered many empty slots waiting to be filled. We’ll exemplify. Consumers get 8GB of RAM and 2 free PCI Express x1 slots. But to be able to get upgrades, the user will have to untangle the system’s wiring. And it will take a while to do so. Space on the unit’s hard drive is so very generous. Total amount is 2TB. And we’re talking about dual drivers. One of them offers 1TB and the other one offers 750GB. This model sports a wealth of ports for external drives. In fact, they are so many that you will even have enough of them to spare.

Intel Core i7-3770 processor

The system’s operating system is the Windows Home 7 Premium, the 64-bit version. Bloatware, you ask? Why yes, but not a maddening amount of it. We wanted to write this review while connected to this desktop, but it only had Microsoft Word (and Excel) in their Starter versions. Outlook and PowerPoint were not even included.Essentio-CM6870

A 3.4GHz Intel Core i7-3770 CPU, helped by an Nvidia GeForce GT 545 are major pro points. The first spec comes with 8GB of RAM, while the other brings 3GB of RAM. Plenty to go round, as the saying goes. They transform this model into a desktop with superb speed for its entry-level situation. When confronted with games, the product dealt very well with what we chose for it. Higher quality settings, though, proved somewhat difficult for the unit to take.

Review conclusion

Despite the latter con, the Asus Essentio CM6870 is able to withstand many tasks with bravery and not falter.

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