Asus Taichi 21

A new type of gadget

The demand for hybrids seems to be high. As such, Asus have released Taichi 21 which we’ll analyze here.

The device in question doesn’t feature only one display, but two, and their purposes are different. The one that faces out is for tablet mode and it’s a 11.6″ model; the second one which faces in is to be used for laptop mode and its display has the same dimension.

The first one we mentioned sports Gorilla Glass for protection; the other screen differs by being matte. Another thing the two displays share is the resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels. And the fact that they both deliver a great deal of brightness and good colors.

The design

Try not to use this product on your lap while in laptop mode: it will immediately feel heavy. However, the materials it’s made of are solid, even if you’ll drop it quite often because of its smoothness. Switching from the tablet mode to the laptop mode and the other way around won’t pose problems. No matter the angle you look at the screens from, image quality remains great. In the tests we performed we noticed no backlight problems whatsoever. The touchscreen of the Taichi 21 is really responsive. To keep the unit clean, there’s a special type cloth to cleanup the device.Asus-Taichi-21

The keyboard

The keyboard that will help you type stuff features buttons which are illuminated; they are very responsive and you are offered support for usual types of gestures available in Windows 8.

The product offers the user the possibility to choose whatever power scheme he wants. But even if you do select a certain value, the device will not respect your wish. That was why, when we wanted to open a file and work with it, we experienced freezing right away. This also happened when we were online and scrolling something.

The processor

The gadget boasts the following type of processor: Intel Core i5-3317U. You will encounter problems when using something with 3D in it. But on the whole, this CPU delivers a good performance. Stick to playing small games and the GPU won’t implode. The selection of ports includes options such as 2 USB 3.0 ports, an external USB wireless adapter, 1 microHDMI port and others. We didn’t see any SD card connector, though. For memory purposes you get 4GB of DDR3 (it’s SDRAM memory) and 94GB empty space for the storage. Thanks to the latter value, the Taichi 21 offers a very quick writing speed. The device also sports a SSD of 128GB instead of a usual hard disk, Bluetooth and an Intel dual band adapter.Asus-Taichi

This hybrid made by Asus doesn’t come with an extraordinary battery. As a consequence, we recommend using only one of the displays instead of both simultaneously; if you do that, the Taichi 21 will only last 2 hours.

The cameras

Snapping pics is possible via 2 cameras. We used them briefly and saw that they delivered usable photos. They might not have been perfect-looking, but they weren’t half-bad either. We could send them to friends and family as soon as we edited them.

If you wish to watch a movie and enjoy great sound, the gadget’s pair of stereo speakers won’t be enough. They may exhale fairly good sound quality; but you’ll be better off using your own headphones for superior results.


And that concludes our benchmark of the Asus Taichi 21. It didn’t make a lasting impression on us, but if you are all for a hybrid – which is half tablet and half laptop – to use for the first time, this one will do.

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