Asus ZenBook UX32A

A high-end ultrabook

Manufacturer Asus first showed their freshly baked £800 ZenBook UX32A for the first time during an event that was held in London. This product is a mid-range ultrabook. Its thickness is much more notable than the company’s first ZenBook. It will be made available in the coming months. We did our thing and tested the device our own way. This review will tell you if it’s bad or great.

Unchanged design

The design of the newly released UX32A has the same wedge that is both angular and sharp as on the first ZenBook. This model also the identical construction made solely of metal. This latest ultrabook gives off a premium vibe that is very nice. The company that made it did not tell how much it weights. But from personal experience, we lifted it and carried it around without breaking our arms.

The fact that this device has one mechanical hard disk does not mean it’s not an ultrabook anymore. Flash storage makes it easy to recognize this product for what it is; there’s an amount of 24GB. Two very important things are covered: more than enough space to store your stuff and excellent speed from Windows.

The device of this ultrabook is a 13.3″ with 1,600 x 900 pixels of resolution. We enjoyed using it a lot and we found it to be a great pro point. And what we can say – without the shadow of a doubt – is that this kind of resolution has a better value than what Asus chose for its past models. The kind of vibrancy we saw on this ultrabook’s display was awesome. We can absolutely say that this device’s screen is one of the best for this type of price.Asus-ZenBook-UX32A

Since the UX32A is thicker, connectivity options are in a greater number. 3 USB3 ports, one SD card reader, mini-VGA ports, HDMI and one 3.5mm combination audio jack complete.

Backlight keyboard

In matters that concern a touchpad, the model that this UX32A uses is a large multi-touch one. Its looks are the same as what the original UX31. But in terms of performance, it behaved loads better, since it did not feature those problems with sensitivity that we hated. The one thing that went through a drastic change was the keyboard. It does not feature the same metallic buttons. They have been replaced with buttons that are black and of the Chiclet variety. Like the ones employed by Apple on their MacBook Air. There is backlight on this keyboard. Typing our review on them during the night was a very pleasant experience.

The processor that Asus put on the line is an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5-3317U low-voltage. It’s the same that Apple used when it created the MacBook Air. The amount of DDR3 memory onboard is 4GB. The GPU is an Intel HD 4000. In our tests, the latter did very well. Games all have good details, but remember to keep the resolution of the device’s screen at a normal level to enjoy the experience.

Review conclusion

If we are to draw a line, we will say that Asus’ ZenBook UX32A is a good ultrabook. There are not that many differences between this model and the first ZenBook of this manufacturer. The great resolution screen and the equally great build quality are some of its more prominent pros. This mid-range device deserves a spot on your table.

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