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iRulu 7″ Android 4.0


The $199 iRulu 7″ is a tablet computer that is unlike many of its generation. And the ones before it. As you will see from our review below.

The looks on this gadget are appealing. It’s a nice tablet to look at and use. We had no problems, during tests, to find its controls. When we used them, they felt smooth and offered great feedback.

Non QWERTY keyboard


Samsung GT-I9250 Galaxy Nexus


Samsung have always been the source of many excellent gadgets. Their GT-I9250 Galaxy Nexus steps in the shoes of the company’s previous smartphones and does a great job of rising to everyone’s high expectations of it. Watch this review to see why we think so highly about this model.

After we started using the GT-I9250 Galaxy Nexus for the very first time in this test, we quickly…



It’s a relief to know that GPS systems are still being manufactured and sold. Because in this day and age, they are devices which offer great performance if you are fed up with smartphones doing the same thing, Or aren’t happy with how the latter function when it’s time to find an address/lane/etc. This GPS will not blow your hair away, but its performance is good…

Samsung UN46ES6580


Samsung and its $999 UN46ES6580 wants to bring to the market of TVs a device that doesn’t cost much, but is still able to deliver good value. We put it to the test and we got the following results that we are sharing with you in the form of this review.

The UN46ES6580 has, as its name indicates, a screen of 46″. Which is semi-matte. The panel…

Philips 40PFL7705DV/F7


All those consumers who have high performance on their minds when it comes to a product of whatever nature should do well and try some of Philips’ creations. The company released a new device, called 40PFL7705DV/F7. All the testing we did on this model turned out fabulous results. Which we are going to describe in this review. So come and lend your eyes to it.

The Philips…

LG 47LD950


There are a whole lot of products that will cause, or already have, plenty of raised eyebrows. That is because they are not quite sure what they want to deliver to consumers. So they include all sorts of features and so on to make up for a not so great performance. As is the case with the LG 47LD950 TV set. Which we reviewed to see…

Asus VG23AH


We haven’t seen a good monitor in a while. With this in mind, we picked Asus’ $279.99 VG23AH up and gave it a couple of try. But this is not any old monitor. No, it’s a 3D-enabled IPS device. So brace yourselves for a new review.

A 23 inch new 3D monitor

The Asus VG23AH boasts a set of specs that look something like this: a 23″ display…

Acer Aspire AM3450-UR10P


From the sea of desktops that can be used for our computers rises yet another new model. The model we are reviewing today after performing tests on it belongs to Acer. Its name is Aspire AM3450-UR10P. But from what we saw in the analysiswe did on this product, you will be hard put to find something like it. Because it is a device that will make…

Kyocera Hydro C5170


There are not many waterproof smartphones lying around on shop desks. And yet, a manufacturer recently unveiled such a model to people who prefer such devices. The Kyocera Hydro C5170 hints at what it is capable of even from its name. Not only does it withstand water thrown on it, it also delivers more than decent call quality. But that is about all it can do….



Sony have been around in the gadget world for as long as we can remember. They strike back, this time with a laptop. Namely a model which they called $849 VAIO SVT13114GXS. We tested a lot of the company’s products in the past, but this one is among their worst. It fails to rise up to the many expectations its manufacturer boasted to have. For a…

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