BenQ RL2240H

A 22 inch monitor for gamers

Gamers have another monitor to consider for a future purchase. The offer in today’s review is the BenQ RL2240H, a £109.97 product that is a good one for playing RTS – real time strategy – games, even if there are some voices that rose to say that the company made a weird move with this device. We don’t share their opinion and we think that this monitor is a good one. And besides, its affordability is a great ace up its sleeve. So is its pretty design that is miles away from the ugly products manufactured 5 years ago. Take a seat and read more about it from this article.

2ms response time

Here’s how the story goes. The BenQ RL2240H received special treatment for its exterior from Starcraft 2 team originating from South Korea whose members are known as Startale. The design is not complicated at all and anyway, the focus is on hardware. The color of the whole monitor is silvery white instead of the black expected by everybody who saw it for the first time and this color makes the product look surprisingly stunning, with the Stormtrooper-style glossiness adding to that overall impression.BenQ-RL2240H

The device and the 2 ms response time it delivers is faster than nowadays’ monitors and its existence is all the more appreciated by people who love to see such superb speed on this type of product. However this is not exactly what the BenQ RL2240H perceives as its strongest feature. No, the award for that accomplishment goes to the dedicated RTS mode and the bunch of scaling options.

Some problems

The weight of the RL2240H was no reason for us to get anxious about during our analysis, because we thought the monitor was an excellent contender in the category of most light manufactured up until now. A bit of knocking didn’t result in the product falling and breaking and when we carried it around the house it felt very light in our hands. But we don’t expect consumers will carry it that often, because we live, after all, in a world of connected gaming that doesn’t require leaving one’s floor or couch.

The non-existence of a speaker wasn’t such a tragedy, since it’s common knowledge that speakers of LCD monitors aren’t much to speak of in the first place. We soon discovered that flexibility is not a forte of this model: we simply didn’t succeed in swiveling or adjusting its height; the only thing it could do for us was a 25 degrees of up-down tilt.

LED backlight technology

Decent is all we can say about the monitor’s options of having it connect to other devices, such as VGA, DVI and HDMI inputs.

The black tones that were seen on the screen when we tested the BenQ RL2240H have blue tints attached to them because of the TN panel. Also, the panel edge will bleed from time to time. Compression will also be a issue for whites and accuracy isn’t a major quality in this case. As much as we played with the settings, we couldn’t get colors to stop looking washed-out. Sharpness is thankfully very good, but whenever we would ask for more clarity we’d only get noise instead for all our trouble. Contrast is decent and LED backlight is awesomely bright. Viewing angles are good on the horizontal. Playing Starcraft didn’t result in blown-up pixels.


For having such a reasonable price, the BenQ RL2240H deserves applause, because the performance it delivers, while not out of this world, is consistent and worthy of further inspection from those who want to give it a try.

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