BenQ XL2420T

A monitor for gamers

The creative team that’s responsible for all of BenQ’s gadgets has once again proven how talented they are in their field of work. Their gamers’ squad made a brainstorming and from that was born the $549 XL2420T. This monitor is all sorts of candies. From its design to its specs, features and all the usual suspects. Honestly, this has got to be a revelation of 2012. If you do not mind the expensive price, then by all means we urge you to get this product. And we’ll even tell you why in this next review.

Classic external design

The exterior of the BenQ XL2420T is nothing short of attractive. The body which keeps all of the goodies well hidden is black and matte. Its four bezels are all completely thin and we love that. The panel on the rear is an annoying glossy one. Why do they keep making such magnets for fingerprints? Rhetorical question, yeah. The monitor features an arm that can be adjusted depending on height. The base is there to provide the XL2420T with a way of standing still even when you try to bring it down. Even if the whole device weighs 8.6 pounds. This arm is open to various adjusting options: swiveling, tilting and everything in between. If you want to place your headphones somewhere, you can even put them on this monitor’s mounting arm. Say farewell to annoying cables lying everywhere: the device’s mounting arm is, once again, a friend indeed.BenQ-XL2420T

A wonderful S-switch featured on the BenQ XL2420T has a wheel and some buttons. That wheel can help users select, access and navigate while having the onscreen display open. The three keys on the S-switch are of help when consumers want to save custom display settings on either one of the 3.

2 USB ports included

I/O ports are really plenty on the latest BenQ monitor. The cabinet’s left side boasts 2 downstream USB ports, the back sports other couple of USB ports, two HDMI ports and more of other connectivity options.

Settings for adjusting picture quality are also many. Plenty to choose from and get great quality. Whenever we saw lagging during tests, we used the monitor’s Advanced Motion Accelerator – or AMA. It was a good pro to have. It improved response for gray-to-gray pixels. Out of all the picture modes we saw, we preferred one called Smart Scaling. It had to do with making adjustments to the image’s size. One of the settings made sure we saw no stretching or distortion.

Superb colors provided

Let’s now see how performance was in the tests performed by the review team. Content looked good on the 1,920 x 1,080 panel. All due to it being anti-glare. Brightness was, due to that, as good as on any other great monitor made by whatever popular manufacturer. Colors were honestly superb. Solid blacks were delivered in all of their glorious form. Main con: poor performance of light grayscale. But woah: once we played Burnout Paradise, the XL2420T revealed itself as an amazing monitor. Ghosting, blurring, you name it: absent 100%.

Watching content from an off angle was a letdown. Colors shifted a lot and made movies, games and so on look bad.

Review conclusion

The BenQ XL2420T made it, thanks to its attributes, on a list of certified 3D Vision monitors with LightBoost technology. This list was made by Nvidia. That surely says a lot about its quality as a gaming monitor. And what’s great is that you as a consumer receive many great stuff for such an expensive price.

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