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What would a computer or laptop be without a mouse? Especially a wireless one. Consumers have long ago started to prefer them over the ones with a cable and pretty soon we expect wireless mice to be the only mice to be used by everyone. Till that day comes, we have made a list of what are, in our opinion, the best wireless mice roaming stores in 2012. We had fun with them and hope you will, too, with at least one of them.

Logitech M555b

The $146.99 Logitech M555b is a wireless mouse that made it on this here 2012 list not because it has a really sleek design, but because it comes with a good variety of features, one of them being Hyper-Scrolling. This function makes navigation through files and pages on the Internet a very fast thing. The cloth carrying case was a very good touch and it was easy to handle. Logitech’s M555b offers full compatibility with the following operating systems: Windows 7, XP, Vista, Mac 10.4 or later and its dimensions are the exact same ones as the V470 also made by Logitech. On top of that, this wireless mouse works for both right- and left-handed people. The batteries which the company provides are better to be changed after every 3 months, but the product is good at conserving energy, too.Logitech-M555b

Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook

Microsoft is making its very own wireless mouse offering with the cheap $49.95 Bluetooth Notebook that also doesn’t impress in the looks area, but it does so comfort-wise. It’s to be noted that this product will become your best friend if you are a laptop or notebook owner because it’s very light and small and using it is very pleasant, easy and a lot of fun. Features are many and the ones we most liked were the scroll wheel that moved very well when we were browsing the net or worked in Word, the laser movement control that made the mouse be ready to be used on surfaces such as glass and the thumb-keys located along the device’s side, which made navigation even more fast. Windows 7, XP, Vista, and Mac 10.2.6-10.4 are the operating systems which are compatible with the Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook. Pay attention to the fat that, in order to get the most out of this mouse, your computer needs to be Bluetooth-enabled. The wi-fi range is 11 meters. The batteries need to be changed after 3 months.Microsoft-Bluetooth-Notebook

Apple Magic Mouse

What is a list without an Apple product? The sleek Magic Mouse offered by the company in 2012 is a $69.00 wireless mouse that reigns as king over all the others. It’s a heavy mouse, but not even one second will you feel its weight, but instead the comfort and ease of using it. If you’re perplexed at the idea of a lack of scroll wheel on this product, there’s something else which will sound even better: the possibility to slide whatever finger you use across the top of the mouse and then pause to click on it on something you found interesting. The momentum scroll feature works in the same way as if you were using a touchscreen and the device is an ambidextrous one. Batteries resist more: 4 months. Performance is very good, highlights being the very quick response and the high resolution.Apple-Magic-Mouse

Logitech V470

The $39.99 Logitech V470 is the kind of wireless mouse that combines elegance, a plentiful feature set and superb performance to deliver consumers with one of the best devices they’ll ever need for their computers and laptops. The shape of the V470 will mimic the shape of your hand and on the whole this ambidextrous mouse won’t tire it even after more than a couple of hours. The 7, XP, Vista and Mac 10.4 (or later) operating systems all work with this wireless mouse – provided that the PC and laptop have Bluetooth installed on them – and its range is 9 meters. The possibility to do 4-way scrolling is the perfect way to move through Internet pages and documents smoothly and without lags. The batteries installed on the Logitech V470 should be replaced after the customary 3 months.Logitech-V470

Kensington SlimBlade

The last wireless mouse we thought suitable for this 2012 best rated list is the very cheap $38.84 Kensington SlimBlade. Portability is this device’s middle name and the option of using it to navigate through your presentations in PowerPoint. It is suited for everybody, be they using their left hand or right hand more. Features are all helpful and the 4-way scrolling bar is the most remarkable, because it enables auto-scrolling. The most suitable operating systems are Windows XP, 7 and Vista and the battery is also better to be changed after a period of 3 months.Kensington-SlimBlade

The conclusion

And here they are: the best 5 wireless mice we wanted to share with you in 2012. The end of the year is still a faraway thing, so this list will suffer modifications once new wireless mice get a release.

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