Canon IXUS 500 HS

A new point and shoot camera

Canon IXUS 500 HS line boasts a new entry at the $299 price. This lineup was made famous a while back by offering consumers super zoom cameras. The features, effects, setting, specs and – most importantly – performance are the elements that give a gadget very good or very bad marks. After carefully testing this device for everything that we wanted to see in a cam, we concluded that this one is a very good candidate. For all your photography related activities. In the following paragraphs we’re featuring the review that resulted from our observations.

Improved image sensor

The Canon IXUS 500 HS makes quite a striking first impression. It is painted not only in the classic black, but also in red, blue and silver. This camera is the very personification of style. It may be smaller than others, but it brings back the classic style of those before it. The style is very minimal and the surface has a bit of texture added on it. Even with the battery inside it, the device weighs only 155g. The IXUS 500 HS easily fits your hand and stays there without breaking your arm off. The lens isn’t of the kind to not fit in a bag or pair of trousers. The material for its body and ports is of the sort that resists damage. We didn’t really grasp the cam very well, as it didn’t have a dedicated firm gripping area.Canon-IXUS-500-HS

This time around, Canon concentrated on making the sensor of the 500 HS better when ISOs are high. The 12x lens was brilliant for snapping close-ups of things happening fast; like sports competitions and such. A ZoomPlus option transforms the cam into an even better beast.

Returning to specs, the device’s screen is 3″. It has the standard format of 4:3. This type of LCD display features a good resolution: 461k dots. The only thing to mar the absolute brightness levels was when we took photos in the direct sunlight.

Digic 5 processor

Groovy features are what this cam’s all about. The one that alerts you when someone has their eyes closed was very accurate and useful. The Smart Shutter mode was also incredibly welcome. To use it, we smiled or winked at the device. The menu was highly intuitive and beginners won’t feel discouraged at all.

Speed is good on the IXUS 500 HS. The Digic 5 CPU is relatively new on the market; but it offers good value. A High Speed scene mode makes the camera fly even more quickly. Because there’s no cards and no internal memory, the photos we took for this review in our tests were recorded to microSD media.

The usual nerve-wrecking sensation you get when seeing how badly videos shake doesn’t happen here. The cam has a Dynamic Image Stabilizer which greatly reduces that. A Super Slow Motion Movie mode is a new feature brought by the IXUS 500 HS. The Miniature Mode sure brought us many moments of laughing out loud.

Without optical viewfinder

The camera starts to show its charms after a second of pressing the Power button. Don’t look for too much: you won’t find an optical viewfinder here. Only the LCD screen. Below it sit five keys. Another lack is a manual focus mode.

Out of everything else, the menu was the most easy to use. One click and we got to see 2 folders; one of them sports the Set Up menu for playing around with start up and sound settings. It also enabled to format the microSD card. The second one let us open the digital zoom provides, activate the modes for image stabilization and other options.

The 500 HS can easily be attached to a tripod. With the battery we didn’t take too many photos: 190 shots. But they were all beyond good. We really didn’t have any moment of frustration or disappointment.

Review conclusion

The Canon IXUS 500 HS is a camera which will give you a lot of satisfaction. No matter if you’re a professional or an amateur.

Technical specifications

Resolution 10.1 MP
Zoom 12x Optical and 21x ZoomPlus
Display 3.0 inch LCD
Optical Image Stabilizer Yes
Movies Full HD with Optical Zoom at 24fps
Image Processor Advanced DIGIC 5
Sensitivity 100-3200 ISO
Memory Micro SD, SDHC and SDXC Card Support
Battery Li-ion NB-9L
External dimensions 87.1x 53.9x 19.2 mm
Total weight 155 g

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  1. Louis

    The 12x optical zoom is able to capture good images from high distance. The optical stabilization works fine up to 10x. After this value, the quality of the picture will decrease.

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