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The all-in-one PC Dell Inspiron One 2320 positions itself between low-end models and is not as expensive as, say, the Apple iMac 27″ 2011. It offers a lot of new specs and features, among which a large touchscreen, a Sandy Bridge Core i5 CPU and the option of wall-mounting it. Let’s see what this baby can do.

Intel processor

We’ll start our analysis with the most important aspect: the processor. The latest Dell Inspiron One 2320 comes, as mentioned, with a Sandy Bridge 2.5GHz Core i5 and it shows in the performance. Single-thread speeds reached, in our benchmarks, speeds of up to 3.3GHz. The device was slower than all the other cheap all-in-one PCs out there, but the advantage was that that meant a much quieter life and less power to be drawn. The processor delivered great processing power when compared to the other versions. The unit comes with Intel HD Graphics 2000.Dell-Inspiron-One-2320
The memory of the Inspiron One 2320 is made of 6GB of 1333MHz DDR3 in the dual-memory configuration of a 2GB and a 4GB DIMM. But, besides that, users receive the benefits of a 1.000GB hard drive, too, and a combined Blu-ray reader/DVD rewriter drive. 3D option isn’t possible, because the gadget isn’t 120Hz capable. We think it’s hilarious, since there’s an Nvidia 3D-capable dedicated graphics card.

23 inch display

Moving on with our analysis, let’s touch upon the subject of screen. The new model measures 23 inch and a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. We could watch HD movies in the best of conditions, but we did notice light bleed along the bottom of the display. The advantages of the product’s Media Center recording features were put under the spotlight with the help of a digital TV tuner. The screen is built-in with 2 JBL speakers that deliver good audio quality and lack distortions; if the speakers are not enough, users can get what they need out of the integrated IR blaster. A keyboard and a mouse are also present in this desktop. They both offered ease of use and we loved the buttons on the keyboard; they were big enough and well-spaced, so that entering text with their help felt comfortable.

Facial recognition

In the connectivity department, people at Dell pre-installed their newest gadget with video inputs such as VGA D-Sub, HDMI and many others. All of these options made the device double up as a HDTV. If you are far away and want to chat with friends and family, Dell’s Inspiron One 2320 sports a webcam that, among other features, offers facial recognition-based login. It gave us no issues when we used it during our benchmarks.

Something else that caught our attention in a very good way was that there was no fan noise when the device was idling and that the display picked up our finger placement just before it touched its surface.


The software this product offers is pretty good. Among others you’ll discover a scrolling touch-enabled launcher that gives access to touch-enabled games, media tools and resources.

Peripherals weren’t really to our liking; they didn’t offer too many possibilities and the ones on board were too few. Battery-wise, the Inspiron One 2320 succeeded in lasting around 4 hours when it was used moderately and 2 hours when used heavily.


The Dell Inspiron One 2320 is, after all, one of those devices that manage to be a good acquisition for different categories of users. Despite its unimpressive peripherals, the product is a pretty neat all-in-one PC computer.

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  1. Syed Owais Ali Zaidy says:

    hey, is there no battery support for the Dell Inspiron One 2320 coe-i3 2nd gen, doe sit run on direct power alone?….and how much does the Bluray option cost for core-i3 2nd gen?

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