A new rival for Nokia’s phones

HTC came to the AT&T Developer Summit this past January with a totally new smartphone. And by reading the name of its new smartphone, Titan II, you will be reminded of mythology. Not only that, but this phone surely is a Titan. We found that soon enough once we started our usual tests. But that is not all it takes to make a device badass and desired by every consumer out there. Its biggest rival, Nokia’s Lumia 900, and the fact that it’s more expensive than that one count against the $199.99 Titan 2. So is there something to make this phone sought after? Find out from the following review.

Metallic gray design

HTC took no risks when thinking of a design for its Titan II. Sometimes it’s best to play it safe. This model bears no striking difference to the previous version. And it’s a rather big smartphone to take in. Measurements: 5.1″ x 2.8″ x 0.39″. Weight is also hard to pass by: 6 ounces. Its shape is what HTC made the first Titan famous for: rectangular. And it’s something you will find on the majority of phones displayed these days in various shops.HTC-Titan-II

The Titan II looks and feels premium thanks to its soft-touch metallic gray finish. Beautiful edges and rounded curves also help a lot. Since we’re dealing with a big smartphone, it’s best if your hands are also big. If not, holding this phone won’t feel very comfortable. The battery kept safe under a cover cannot be removed.

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango OS

The Titan 2 shines through with its touchscreen. The latter almost dominates the phone when you look at it with its sheer dimension: 4.7″. This Super LCD display has a WVGA resolution; in simpler words: a total of 800 x 480 pixels. But, because the touchscreen is so large, images will appear less sharp than on the display of the Nokia Lumia 900. And colors will not be as remarkable as on that Finnish phone. But you can’t always have it all.

The Titan II functions with that operating system called Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. There’s not much in terms of novelties here. But there is something really helpful: integration of Twitter in a hub called People. Bonus pros: the possibility to easily multitask and the option of keeping conversations in threads. Bing search is much improved. The UI will make you like it, because it’s appealing and intuitive. But every pro has a con somewhere to accompany it. In this case, it is the difficulty with which you can find apps you love. Instagram is not at all included.

1.5GHz single core processor

The exact same CPU as the one on the first version is on this model, too. The 1.5GHz single-core processor and 16GB of memory deliver the same good speed as they did on the previous model. And we did not witness lagging at all. A different addition that isn’t found on this device’s predecessor specs is access to what is called true 4G LTE.

The 16MP camera offered with this smartphone could have been spectacular. But it wasn’t in our benchmarks for this article.

Battery life should hold for a whole day. But, to better be safe than sorry, plug the phone in before you go to sleep. From personal experience, call quality was good. 4G speeds were these: 5.1Mbps up and 16Mbps when downloading.


So, as we said, the HTC Titan II could have been awesome. Unfortunately for it, Nokia’s Lumia 900 is serious competition.

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