A new Verizon Wireless phone

Verizon Wireless got a new smartphone to show off to those who use it. LG is the company which is featured with the newest Lucid they made. And this will only cost you $79.99. But relax: even if it’s a smartphone sitting in the budget category, at the end of the day it will feel like you are using a normal device. And not a cheap one. We can guarantee you that, because that’s how we felt about it when we saw it in our benchmarks performed for this review. So LG fans: come and see what your favorite manufacturer did this time.

4 inch display diagonal

Turning the LG Lucid left, right, sideways, top and bottom, one can see that it made of plastic. Color is black and there is a hint of maroon on the back panel. Which back panel is tapered. It was made like that to attract the eyes of consumers to its classy looks.

4″ is the dimension of the screen. The latter is protected from getting scratched by famous technology Corning Gorilla Glass. This is a pro you will be very thankful for. The display is capacitive and designed to reply to your touch fast. Resolution is what Android always offers on a smartphone: 800 x 480 pixels. While it doesn’t make you marvel at its vividness, it certainly attracts consumers with the colors and brightness it delivers. Blacks are not very deep on this screen.LG-Lucid

Doing gestures is a requirement if you call yourself a serious smartphone. The LG Lucid allows for many of those. In tests we were able to pause video playback, mute calls by flipping the device and many other fun actions. But we could not make side motions work. That was the only bothersome thing.

Qualcomm MSM8660 processor

If you decide on typing a text message, you can either choose Swype or the phone’s default keyboard. A con needs to be reported here. Words that aren’t for cities, proper names and so on tend to appear with a capital letter. Typing using either landscape of portrait mode, though, was easy.

Again, if you respect yourself as a smartphone manufacturer, you need to feature a dual-core CPU. The LG Lucid has a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8660 such processor. With this version is offered 1GB of RAM. It made tasks work fast and apps open quickly; but the UI was slow in its response. While on the Internet, scrolling was also sluggish. This CPU also affects speed for downloading data: 1.5 Mbps down and 7Mbps up.

As for operating system, you get Android’s Gingerbread version, sadly.

5MP camera

When calling or being called, the phone has poor reception. We had to give up at one point because of the many dropouts we experienced. What seriously disappointed us was the speakerphone.

4GB of free internal storage for media and 1.34GB of free system memory will, we think, be plenty for you guys. A 32GB SanDisk card will work just fine, too. Battery will last you for about 7 hours of life.

Photos can be taken by the phone’s 5MP specs camera. Which doesn’t feature image stabilization, sorry. Even so, results are decent. Videos in HD are recorded in 1080p. They also appear fairly good-looking.


To round up this analysis, we will emphasize that LG’s Lucid smartphone is, yes, a cheap one. But it shows that even budget devices can surprise consumers.

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  1. Ericka Register says:

    The device has good call quality. I favor each of the features this phone has. I did have trouble with the phone restarting itself.

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