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At CES 2012, a lot of words were said on how important LTE is in this day and age. A growing number of manufacturers are including this option on their smartphones. LG is one of those companies that embraced LTE and its $199.99 Spectrum is the device we’ll be talking about shortly in this review. It is a phone which performs really well, features an unbeatable touchscreen and many very capable specs and options. More will be revealed in the paragraphs below.

Corning Gorilla Glass panel

Nitro HD, a smartphone also created by LG, had a design that captured the eye and heart of many consumers. The Spectrum comes and makes things even more appealing. At least to us. The cleanness and leanness of the looks are very appealing. But you might disagree, who knows. This smartphone is actually quite large when you look at the small devices ranging in stores. Its dimensions are 5.3″ x 2.7″ (for height and width). The weight is consistent: 5 ounces. But with such a large body, the phone couldn’t have weighted a little even if it tried.LG-Spectrum

The LG Spectrum isn’t meant to be thrown from a clip or underwater. While the build it has is durable, we don’t advise you to play roughly with it. One thing it does have to protect its screen from manhandling is Corning Gorilla Glass. The cover on the phone’s rear is a combo of black and gray. The face is painted black and is glossy. You heard right, the dreadful word: glossy. Invest in a wipe cloth to send those pesky fingerprints away from the display. Comfort-wise, no complaints.

4.5 inch HD display

To have an in-depth look at the screen, here’s the following info. LG’s Spectrum boasts a 4.5″ HD display. Resolution has a value of 1,280 x 720 pixels. Number of colors that are supported: 16 million. All of this mentioned right now means that you, as a viewer, will be a witness to all sorts of visual goodies. The likes of: gorgeous colors, amazing brightness and crispness in all the right places. Above this wonderful screen is a camera; underneath the display are the buttons for navigation. They all have a very distinguished look about them. Another cam is placed on the phone’s rear.

In our benchmarks we saw that the OS was Android’s 2.3 version. LG said that the 4.0 version will come once the company creates a new skin for it. So have a little patience, friends. Hopefully it won’t take an eternity.

The features found on this operating system are what Android used us to expect from it. Customizing various stuff is a dream. No need to fear getting bored in school or at work (during lunch break, of course): the number of apps is almost endless.

1.5GHz dual-core processor

An 8MP camera takes photos that are so great. Videos are recorded in 1080p high definition. But only outside. Curiously enough, indoor pics and clips looked bad. The 1.5GHz dual-core CPU featured by this smartphone was the reason why we very much enjoyed the speed of the LG Spectrum. Load times for Internet pages was phenomenal as well.

Quality when it was time for calling people was overall good in the tests performed for this analysis. Those we talked to via the phone said they heard us really well. On our end, sound clarity wasn’t as crystal clear, but it was good nonetheless. The speakerphone delivered voices in a shrill and tiny manner.


The LG Spectrum will be a very nice addition to your smartphone collection. Fans of the company will find it very worthy of their money and time.

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  1. Brianna says:

    The resolution of the HD display is better than the resolution of my old PC screen. I think the technology will replace very soon all we imagine. The OLEDs are already on the market !

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