Lytro Light Field

A special kind of camera

Cameras made by Lytro are not of the sort that can be easily forgotten or tossed aside as soon as you buy them. They are here to bedazzle. The latest model coming from this manufacturer is called Light Field. It will fascinate you from the very beginning. From the very first glance thrown its way. The design is the most important point of attraction. After which come its micro lenses and other offerings meant to make this camera an astounding one. It behaved impeccably during our tests. This review will show you what that means.

Unusual design

The $399 Lytro Light Field is a wonderful new camera. From the tips of its body to its insides. The shape it can be recognized by is that of a metal box. Which metal is a two-tone one. Dimensions of this beauty are the following: 4.4″ x 1.6″. The design made us initially think of another gadget altogether. Because it is that unusual. We’re talking about a camera that’s disguised under a metal tube that sports a lens via an optical zoom that is 8x. Oh, and the lens we mentioned comes with an f/2.0 aperture that is constant. The controls that are thrown on this camera are very simple. You’ll find 2 main keys: the one for Shutter release and the one for Power. Then you get a 1.5″ touchscreen and a strip activated by touch. The latter offers the user the ability to control the device’s zoom. The memory and battery of the Light Field are both impossible to be removed.Lytro-Light-Field

Good image quality

As beautiful as its looks are, the camera will feel weird to use in the first stages. But during our test we finally managed to hold the thing like we would hold a small telescope. It will probably look equally weird like that; but there’s an advantage. If your hand shakes, no problem, because this position makes sure it won’t become bothersome and that photos and clips won’t be affected.

This Lytro model has many pros under its attractive sleeve. Like, for one, the possibility to refocus one pic endless times. This sort of interactivity with your camera is unheard of on other models. The 2 shooting modes of this product are both good picks. The Creative one offered a lot of control. And it made taking close-ups which were extreme a pleasure. Because the results were great. The Everyday mode is best suited when the cam needs to set refocusing range.

Unique software used

The software that is installed on the Lytro Light Field is unique. It practically delivers LFP files. These are the equivalent of raw ones. The LFP files need the camera’s software in order to offload pics from the Light Field and then process these photos to be shared. The desktop software is a very annoying part. Every single time we connected to a Mac that was completely new.

But the quality of the photos we took with this gorgeous cam fine if you compare the results with what an iPhone 4S would deliver. But in fact, pics lack sharpness and there is no image stabilization. Only exposure can be adjusted. Editing includes only adding captions and rotating the pics you snap.

Review conclusion

The Lytro Light Field can be seen as a one of a kind camera. It keeps on its promises made in advertisements. But it costs kinda too much. However, it’s good for people who want to capture full HD videos and take photos.

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