ViewSonic VX2703mh-LED

August - 27 - 2012

Who wants to read an article about a monitor we just stumbled upon? All of our readers? Good, then today we are going to introduce the $300 ViewSonic VX2703mh-LED to our readers. According to the company who created this device, it comes with all sorts of visual and performance delicacies. Since we are not ones to believe something – especially about a new product – just like that, we set on the quest of testing this model on our own. And then publish the results of our adventure here. And so, without babbling anymore, let us see if this product is actually what it’s made into by clever advertisers.

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Asus VG23AH

August - 26 - 2012

We haven’t seen a good monitor in a while. With this in mind, we picked Asus’ $279.99 VG23AH up and gave it a couple of try. But this is not any old monitor. No, it’s a 3D-enabled IPS device. So brace yourselves for a new analysis.

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Samsung C27A550U

August - 14 - 2012

Samsung is one of the most widely recognized manufacturers. The majority of their gadgets are very good ones. The C27A550U is another model which has already – and it’s going to – gained a lot of fans. And with good reason. This monitor has all sorts of pros which make using it a real pleasure. That is what happened to us when we tested it. The review that follows will tell you all about it.

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Viewsonic VA2231WM-LED

August - 7 - 2012

Viewsonic is a never ending source of new gadgets. If you are fed up with gadgets such as tablets and smartphones or are a fan of TV sets, then this company has something new for you. Their $140 VA2231WM-LED is all sorts of nice. But of course there are cons, as well. We will touch upon these and the device’s pros in today’s article.

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Benq GW2450HM

August - 3 - 2012

BenQ are back in the game. Their most recent device is a monitor which they called £140 GW2450HM. This product was not made to be used only at home, but also at your work place if you need something like this instead of a laptop. IT is a monitor that delivers a pretty good performance. And we can say this after we gave it a go some days ago. Here is the review that came out of those benchmarks.

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ViewSonic VP2365wb

June - 26 - 2012

A 23 inch PC monitor

ViewSonic are making a comeback with their new $350 VP2365wb. It is by no means a perfect monitor, but from the benchmarks we did we can say that it’s not a miserable product, either. And should you opt for better quality, there are always other products to look at. This one packs both pros and cons, like any other device. In our analysis we will concentrate on both of them. Have a look at it and see if you like it.

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ViewSonic VA2448-LED

June - 26 - 2012

A new 24 inch budget monitor

Once again ViewSonic doesn’t forget to make an appearance with another device: the VA2448-LED monitor that people who are on a budget can easily afford. It may be released this year, but it sure doesn’t come with many features. And the ones it does have are pretty much what every other monitor packs. Except a HDMI input and speakers. And some other things. We nonetheless analyzed it and this review here is what came of it all.

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ViewSonic VX2460h-LED

June - 25 - 2012

A slim 24 inch monitor

Everything nowadays seems to want to be thin. From people to gadgets. Now not only smartphones, TVs and tablets are slim, monitors also aim at being thinner than they were. ViewSonic caught on and manufactured what is their slimmest monitor to date: the £159.00 VX2460h-LED. Is it as great as it is skinny? We invite you to find out from our following analysis.

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BenQ RL2450HM

June - 25 - 2012

A cheap 24 inch monitor

In the past couple of years, BenQ has been busily working on a lot of new products. That brought them, and still does, a lot of popularity on the market of peripherals for the PC. In 2011, for instance, the company produced a model called EW2430V. The latter managed to rise up to expectations, especially thanks to the VA panel it sported. Most recently, the manufacturer finished work on its latest creation, the RL2450HM. We prepared an article for everybody who heard about it and wants to know more. Here we go.

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BenQ RL2204H

June - 10 - 2012

A 22 inch monitor

BenQ is back in the game with a device that chooses its users based on their category. That is to say that the new RL2204H manufactured by the company is meant to appeal to real time strategy players who want good performance. Because it is able to deliver them some of the most precise detail that is accompanied by response times that are fast. The design will be enough to raise some eyebrows. Below you will find the review which resulted after the tests we did on the product.

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