Nokia Lumia 900

A smartphone with muscles

Nokia still has many haters and then many who think that the company lost its former glory a long time ago. But there are still some who think that the Finns behind this household name still have it in them. All those people who think that Nokia won’t make a comeback should take a look at the manufacturer’s Lumia 900. This smartphone is officially a hero for the company. The latter’s fans first saw it at CES 2012 and we did, too. Back then we even thought of it as this year’s best newcomer. We haven’t changed our mind since then and the following test performed for this phone review will tell you why.

Solid external design

If you are someone who minds looks over performance, then Nokia’s Lumia 900 will greatly satisfy your visual appetite. The phone is what would come out of a young person’s head. It’s youthful, avantgarde and funky. In a nutshell, there’s no other device like it. The chassis is lightly sculpted and of a unibody type. Color was used deliberately on this model. Boldness is also one of its middle names. Its general design is reminiscent of pop art and it stares you right in the face with its quirkiness. There isn’t much to be disliked about this smartphone. In fact, there’s nothing at all to hate about its looks. Colors that are available for the Lumia 900 are bright white, electric blue and black. But even if it didn’t come in various colors, the device would still look different from the others. Sides are round and the rear is curved slightly. The product is seriously large.

The finish of the Lumia 900 is, thankfully, matte. No more fingerprints to constantly wipe away. You might feel like it is too flat when you hold it; but only for a few minutes. Talking to it pressed to your own will feel extra comfortable. Solidity is one of its strongest pros. If you’re a woman and use hand lotions a lot, they won’t affect this smartphone.Nokia-Lumia-900

4.3 inch AMOLED display

The touchscreen Nokia installed on its Lumia 900 is a beauty. And also one of the best pros. It is a 4.3″ display of AMOLED type. Corning Gorilla Glass and then some ClearBlack display technology both make for really great companions to this already excellent touchscreen. Brightness, colors and sharpness were all top notch. Contrast is here much superior than on, say, Samsung’s Focus S. Spectrum of color is much more developed; blacks have more depth.

The operating system that Lumia 900 features is Windows Phone. For the first time, this device comes with LTE. A con that upset us was that it had Bluetooth 2.1 instead of the newer version.

An 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics as well as other important features came handy when we took pics outside. Those looked the best from what we experienced. Videos had clarity and audio was strong.

Great LTE speed

If you ask us, audio quality was not bad, compared with other reviewed smartphones. We only had one dropped call. Everything worked smoothly. The quality of the speakerphone was one of the best.

Speeds for LTE were great: 6.13Kbps up and 19.5Mbps down. The 1.4GHz CPU is well endowed. Its speed is not that great, though, but it will accomplish all tasks well.

Battery will get you for one day and a bit. Don’t expect more than that. But even so, it’s better than batteries on other tested smartphones.

Review conclusion

The Nokia Lumia 900 will cost you only $99. And its best attributes are design, great specs, superb LTE speeds and features galore.

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