Panasonic Viera TX-L42ET5B

A 42 inch LED HDTV

Panasonic seems to be starting 2012 with a streak of success. In the shape of a TV which they called TX-L42ET5B. This is a product which is part of their popular Viera line. People already giving it a spot in their homes generally seem to like it. They say that it has good features and a pleasant design. Of course, we can’t trust these voices 10%, so we also tested the device to make our own impression about it. Here they are in the upcoming review.

Pleasant design

Just a few years ago it was uncommon practice for a Panasonic Viera TV to use passive technology instead of the 3D one. The series also didn’t use LCD back in those days. Times have changed a lot since then. In order to keep up with what’s currently happening, the company started featuring passive 3D technology and LED on its most recent product. Which is the Viera TX-L42ET5B. The two features had a wow effect on us during tests. We really didn’t expect that. It shows that Panasonic has wizened up since its older TVs. Kudos to them for this.Panasonic-Viera-TX-L42ET5B

The product has undeniable good looks and charm. Color is a smoky gray and it covers all of the bezel. This is an intelligent move to attract buyers fed up with past colors. This type of color and the general design appear even more pleasant to the eye thanks to the addition of high-gloss finish.

DLNA technology

Connectivity was very well taken care of. Options for it are many. Among the usual USB, HDMI and other ports, inputs and so on, of great importance is a built-in Wi-Fi system. We tried all kinds of formats and the TV played every single one of them. An SD card slot is very helpful and a key pro point. It enabled us to play multimedia files from any SD card. In the case you don’t want to use devices with USB storage. The never ending options on the TX-L42ET5B continue with the possibility to stream files. From PCs that are DLNA networked.

The TV we reviewed had the infamous Viera Connect platform. The latter has something that’s unusual: a web browser. It tends to get bugs, but it looks good and does its job well. Accessing the Internet doesn’t take long and isn’t complicated. As for online interface, can be customized quickly and easily. The App store has all sorts of options for that. Icons offered by the Viera Connect platform include names such as YouTube, BBC News and Eurosport among others.

Not impressive 3D images

Netflix is finally on a Panasonic TV. The list of content it sports is better than the device’s Fetch TV. Access to Facebook, Twitter and other interesting apps is fully supported. For viewing photos taken with a cam, the Viera TX-L42ET5B has access to Picasa. There’s even space for adding all of the application you fancy from the App store.

For performance, we thought that content in high definition looked good. 2D movies were delivered really well. Details stood out, colors were depicted well and skin textures were good. The TV handled motion in a clean way. Judder and blurs were quickly removed when we found them bothersome. This is a very good pro to have. Level of black was deep and looked natural. Our ears perceived no noise. 3D images were pleasant to look at. But details and smoothness weren’t the best. Also, crosstalk is there. Fortunately, it’s not aggressive.

Review conclusion

In the end, the £749 Panasonic Viera TX-L42ET5B is a TV whose best attributes are great deliverance of content in HD and exceptional sound quality.

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  1. Solinger

    The 3D images are good from my point of view. Maybe the image cannot be compared with the 2012 latest’s models but the TV is a good one from my point of view.

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