Pantech Burst

A smartphone at an affordable price

Pantech seems to be on a gadget releasing spree. After the Element tablet, they went and launched Pantech Burst model. This is a smartphone has all the qualities of a good device without costing a ton of money ($49.99 with AT&T). After poking inside as well as outside it, we concluded that everyone should try it at least once. It’s no iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S, but then again there are consumers left who appreciate a simpler smartphone. We’ll shut up now and let this review do the “talking”.

Low weight

There are many smartphones which chose AT&T as main carrier. Along with its 4G LTE network. The Pantech Burst marks a first for the company, since it’s such a cheap device. But don’t go thinking that cheap = awful design, weak specs and performance. You won’t see such things on this phone.pantech-burst

The bigger the body, the bigger the popularity. Or such is the mentality of some of today’s manufacturers. But Pantech likes to keep its gadgets small and efficient. Burst’s compact form and round corners will appeal to users who like these attributes. As will the low weight. We used the smartphone with only one hand thanks to that and the thinness. The plastic in its composition is solid and not in the slight ruining the smartphone’s design. All of the buttons are within easy reach and not cumbersome to press. Plus, they do their job quickly. We especially loved the feel they had.

Impressive display

Go around and ask any smartphone owner about the importance of a screen. Almost all will reply: “very important”. And the bigger the display, the better. Well, the one gracing the Pantech Burst is truly one of the best ever tested. The amount of brightness is almost blinding; and it’s a very bold screen. You can practically look at it from any angle and still see what’s going on. The resolution is a bit on the low side, however that doesn’t affect the overall brilliancy.

The Burst doesn’t sport only one keyboard, but two. Out of them, we liked the Swipe version more, it offered better tactile feedback and typing speed. And the option of writing stuff with one hand only. What was funny was that there was no button for .com.Pantech-Burst-phone

P0wered by Android 2.3.5

Sound is another thing Pantech nailed. Its richness and consistency give songs the quality they deserve.

Pantech hasn’t yet put the Android 4.0 inside Burst. Android 2.3.5, though, is in no way an inferior OS. It felt a joy to use and it came with several improvements. Mainly in the swiping and lock screen areas. They both are more convenient to use. We didn’t have to wait for whole minutes to see a document or play a game. The processor can be compared to smartphones that cost double. Games also loaded quickly and didn’t freeze right in the middle of action. Graphics also performed more than honorably.

Weak battery

It’s hard to find a smartphone with a stellar camera. The Pantech Burst shouldn’t be considered if you look to snap amazing pics. But to its luck, clips fared much better.

Speeds for 4G data in an LTE range were good: 3 seconds for a mobile site in the tests performed. But for that you’ll need to know that the battery life will last only 5 hours.

Review conclusion

This concludes our today’s review, folks. The Pantech Burst is a speed beast, considering it’s so cheap. If the battery were better, this smartphone would be excellent. Still, its qualities are many and reliable.

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