Samsung GT-I9250 Galaxy Nexus


Samsung have always been the source of many excellent gadgets. Their GT-I9250 Galaxy Nexus steps in the shoes of the company’s previous smartphones and does a great job of rising to everyone’s high expectations of it. Watch this review to see why we think so highly about this model.

After we started using the GT-I9250 Galaxy Nexus for the very first time in this test, we quickly…

Micromax A100 Superfone


If anything, you cannot say about the Micromax A100 Superfone Canvas that it is a boring product. For starters, you will pay less than Rs. 10,000 to make it yours. And that is something to look forward to. This device also has many other pros, but we will tackle them, along with the cons, in this review.

More improvements introduced

The Micromax A100 is a smartphone which comes…

Kyocera Hydro C5170


There are not many waterproof smartphones lying around on shop desks. And yet, a manufacturer recently unveiled such a model to people who prefer such devices. The Kyocera Hydro C5170 hints at what it is capable of even from its name. Not only does it withstand water thrown on it, it also delivers more than decent call quality. But that is about all it can do….

ZTE Grand X


ZTE still needs to work its way into becoming a name that is instantly recognized by consumers. And the company, located in China, is slowly but steadily finding its identity. And its fortune came when they introduced the Grand X, a smartphone that does not cost as much as its counterparts from Samsung, HTC, Apple and other more famous names: £200 only. A few minutes into…

Huawei Ascend D1


Another new product Huawei decided to debut is, this time, not a tablet. But a smartphone. The Ascend D1 comes with a lot of promise made by its manufacturers. And, after testing it for ourselves, it looks like the company has every right to advertise this handset as their best yet. It was first announced almost a month ago. Let’s see what impressed us about it…

Motorola Atrix HD

A new Droid phone

The new DROID line that Motorola launched continues to make waves among consumers. And this series includes a smartphone which we will review today. The name of this device: Atrix HD. It comes with a very good price offer, but when we sat down and tested the phone’s performance, we were disappointed. More on that below.

No ColorBoost technology

Motorola manufactured some very good smartphones….

Sony Xperia Go

A new rugged phone

A smartphone that is able to withstand stand, extreme temperatures, water and other damaging elements is always the perfect tool for someone who loves the outdoors. And Sony has just the thing for you if you are such a consumer. Their Xperia Go is a rugged phone, but unlike the others in its category, it’s not ugly to look at. Or heavy and…

Nokia 808 PureView

A smartphone with a huge camera

Nokia has not yet given up on manufacturing phones. And that’s great, since many people continue to be fans of this company. To freshen up its offerings, the Finnish team recently wrapped up work on a new device, namely a camera phone model called 808 PureView. It is certainly not the manufacturer’s greatest work. But it shines when it comes to…

Nokia Asha 300

A simple and affordable phone

Not many consumers want a phone that looks like something made a couple of years ago. They mostly prefer smartphones and what such devices have to offer. But then there are some users who still love simpler and affordable phones which nonetheless deliver good performance. Nokia is not as successful as it once was. But it kept its head high and went…

HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE

A not impressive smartphone

Few smartphones have what it takes to make an impact on consumers. The usual names to do that are those made by Apple, Samsung and HTC. The latter had a very successful time when it launched its Droid Incredible in 2010. Now the Taiwanese company wants to reiterate that struck of gold. But after testing the new $149,99 Droid Incredible 4G LTE, we…

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