Samsung ATIV Tab GT-P8510

Samsung ATIV Tab GT-P8510 is a device we wanted to discuss here at EvoGadget for quite a while. Here is what we think about it.

The visual elements that the manufacturer threw into the mix of this gadget make it look like a model belonging to their Galaxy line. Which isn’t something bad, but we would have liked to see a different design for a change.

But the fact that its materials aren’t of premium quality makes up for that; albeit in a negative way. But at least they make sure that the device doesn’t pack a ton and that you can, thus, carry it with you anywhere you want to go. But if you want a really slim tablet, this one is a no-go.

The design

Looking at us the second we turned the gadget on was a 10.1″ touchscreen. Its total of 1366 x 768 pixels was exactly what the device needed to deliver beautiful colors, the right amount of brightness and the possibility to look at its in broad sunlight.Samsung-ATIV-Tab-GT-P8510

The apps you can install aren’t really awesome. You won’t get the usual Facebook, Twitter and YouTube apps, for instance, which is unheard of on the manufacturer’s other tablets. Thankfully, a news feed is present. You’ll also see that the keyboard occupies almost the whole display; however, when we tested it, we liked how responsive its buttons were.

The processor

One microSD card slot, an HDMI output, one 3.5-millimeter headphone jack and others make the list of available connectivity options. In case you want to know, the ATIV Tab GT-P8510 can become a daily workstation to be carried to your job, to the park and so on.

Here is the processor this tablet ships with: a dual-core Snapdragon S4 which run at 1.5GHz. Working with applications will take its toll because of this CPU; however, other than this problem, the gadget doesn’t lag. Storage space means 32GB in total; out of them you’ll get to use only 23GB (but you do get the option of using either an USB external hard drive or a microSD card to expand on that). The graphics processor is an Adreno 225. Memory translates into 2GB of RAM.ATIV-Tab-front

The browser

The browser of choice here is Internet Explorer 10. Unlike the many complaints this browser is used to getting on a daily basis, it performed really well during our analysis. Besides looking for files, info and so on with its help, you can also look stuff up without worrying that it saves your browsing activity; and you get the option of launching multiple windows without IE crashing on you. But the fact is: it doesn’t support Adobe Flash (however, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to watch YouTube videos). Bluetooth, NFC, a GPS radio and Wi-Fi are all on the list of features.

The ATIV Tab P8510 ships with Windows RT. You get two user interfaces: Start and the traditional one. We definitely preferred the first one for its smoothness and ease of use. But in order to employ, on the gadget, the software that’s on the laptop you own, you will need to use it just via the Marketplace.

The battery

The battery integrated inside this tablet is a 8,200 mAh which offers an amount of 9 hours and a half of moderate usage.

We didn’t get good results with either of the device’s cameras. Being inside or outside in good light didn’t offer great photos. We noticed the same situation when dealing with clips. But if you use your smartphone or your digital camera for that, then you shouldn’t mind this.


The Samsung ATIV Tab GT-P8510 is a capable device. But it doesn’t rise up to its siblings in the Galaxy series.

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  1. Julio Almeida

    Morning Gents, my samsung GT-P8510 the touchscreen stopped working when windows RT updated. can someone help to fix this issue !!!! thanks

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