A new flip smartphone

All of you here who are using Verizon, check this out: Samsung’s Brightside is the new smartphone which can be used with this carrier. We have a feeling it won’t be bought by many, but maybe that’s just us who don’t find it to be that amazing. Still, if you are in desperate, or not, need for a QWERTY keyboard slider device, this one will float your boat. On top of that, this phone has some engaging features to occupy your time. Keep close and see what it can offer you from the following analysis.

A simple looking design

Feature phones were quite the thing until a while ago. Then someone thought of inventing something to make admirers of such products happy. And keep them coming for more. Samsung was the one to make this step. Their Brightside smartphone came to try and conquer the world. And the tools it brought along for the ride are varied and good. Plus it fills a space destined for feature phones which was empty of models.

If as a flip phone/smartphone you don’t scream “look at me and my flashy design”, you’re not a good option. And yet, not every consumer wants such an ostentatious device. The Samsung Brightside will definitely be your cup of tea if you want simple-looking products. Even so, observing this model for a sec, you know it is not an ordinary one. Some decisions were taken and what resulted from them: nice touches on the phone’s hardware and display.Samsung-Brightside

3.1 inch touchscreen display

There’s no super thinness on this device. Elegance is achieved with the color black. That covers all the body. A weight of 4.3 ounces keeps the Brightside durable. The phone does not give off a frail vibe.

A 3.1″ touchscreen doesn’t feel like much when we relate to what kind of display are made today. And the virtual keyboard you can use for various purposes looks cramped. Other than that, though, there is no other con. As we were testing the screen, we couldn’t help but sense that the 240 x 320 pixels meant pixelated images. 262,000 is the amount of colors that are supported by the display.

Navigation is as simple as that. No need to worry you won’t manage it. But, if in any way you still feel lost, a setup wizard is ready to help you lots. An unnecessary con appears on the screen itself. The menu sits right smack on the display; it’s surrounded by icons. While they are indeed very easy to see, you will tend to open something else when you’ll brush the unlocked phone face.

3.2MP camera

Features are simple: GPS, 3G speeds and Bluetooth. Also text messaging, calendar and all that jazz. Accessing the net is done by opening the device’s Opera Mini application. You can look at Microsoft Office docs with ease. The most superb feature analyzed for this article was an entry called In Case of Emergency.

Multimedia is represented by a 3.2MP camera which also records clips. Not a very interesting addition. You can surely do better than this if you are interested in a phone with a solid camera. The battery has a rated battery life of 6.5 hours. 3G data speeds are decent. We heard a whispering sound when we talked to our friends over this phone. But volume was good. Clarity, also. The speakerphone had a decent performance.


Feature phone geeks should look at the Samsung Brightside and consider it. If you use Verizon and don’t mind the phone’s simplicity and not amazing specs and performance.

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