Samsung MultiView MV800

A camera for self portrait shooting

Samsung has been taking a lot of interest lately in designing cameras that facilitate self portrait shooting. We don’t really know why though, as these kinds of shots aren’t the basis in the art of photography. It may be that they received a lot of requests from the users, considering the fact that the company has also created the TL220 and TL225 cameras that feature a second display, on the front of the device. We don’t really see the need of that, or of the flipping display the Samsung MultiView MV800 has, but since it’s out there, why not see what it can do. The design is actually unique and this feature only may attract many anxious buyers, so for those of you interested, read on the test performed by our review team to see its powers.

3.0 inch OLED display

Anyone would be curious in fact to test a camera like the MV800, and we must admit we were too. The most attractive feature of this camera is the screen, that has the ability to flip over, until is front facing. It is a 3.0 inch OLED screen with a resolution of 640 x 450 that can be flipped out at 180 degrees and has good viewing angles. It helps a lot in taking self portraits and crowd shots, but as we said, that is what the previous TL220 and TL225 models could do. The screen is as good as that on a smartphone and we are happy that Samsung though about this issue. Resistive touch screens are really annoying on cameras, but it seems that things are getting better. However, the resolution is pretty bad, colors don’t look so nice and the response rate is rather low. Well, you win some, you lose some.Samsung-MultiView-MV800

Touchscreen menu

The MultiView MV800 hasn’t got many buttons on it, besides the basics. On the top there are the power button, the shutter release and the zoom control, and on the back there are two more buttons for power on and point and click. Also on the back but this time behind the screen you’ll find a “surprise” button, which is a second shutter release that will let you take photos while the screen is up.

The rest of the settings can be done via the MultiView MV800’s touchscreen menu, but we must warn you there isn’t much to play with. For example you can adjust the ISO levels, the flash and the scene modes, lacking the touch to focus features.

Some blurry pictures at high ISO

The MultiView MV800 camera features 26-130mm, f.3.3-5.9 5x optical zoom lens and a built in flash. Taking shots with this camera might be easier, but the image quality is not so great though. Shots are sometimes blurry, they don’t receive the right amount of light when the flash is on and another thing we noticed was that the shots were out of focus most of the times. There was also a lot of noise in the pictures, especially when adjusted to ISO 400 and higher.

Among the MV800’s features, there are some interesting ones. For example, the Funny Face feature allows you to apply some distortions to the image, like stretching, bending or wrapping, creating funny portrait pictures.

3D Photo mode

There is also the Picture in Picture Shot that allows including the second shot in the previous one. You can also apply different effects with the Smart Filter, including vignetting, soft focus, half tone dot, sketch, fish eye, miniature, classic, ink painting, retro, cartoon, oil painting, zooming shot and old film. There are also other features like Magic Frame, Pose Guide, 3D Photo, Intelligent Portrait, Magic Frame and Live Panorama. Plus, the Photo Editor allows applying even more effects and changes to the photo. The battery life took about 230 pictures, with flash.

Review conclusion

At the end of the test performed for this review we can conclude that the Samsung Multivew MV800 is a great camera to have during a concert, parties and other outdoor activities. It doesn’t take very good shots but allows having a lot of fun.

Technical specifications

Camera Type Point and Shoot, Rotating LCD
Image sensor
Effective Pixel resolution Approx. 16.15 Mega pixel
Lens Type Schneider Lens
Optical Zoom 5x
Focal Length 4.7~23.5mm Focal Length
Image Sensor Type CCD
Shutter Speed Program : 1 ~ 1/2,000 sec. Smart Auto: 1/8~ 1/2000 sec Night : 8 ~ 1/2,000 sec (AEB, continuous : 1/4 ~ 1/2,000 sec.),
Modes Multi AF, Center AF, Face Detection AF, Object Trackikng AF, Smart Face Recognition AF, One Touch Shooting AF
Smart Filter Available
Image Stabilization
Smart Face Recognition Available
Smart Settings
Smart Auto Available
Dual Image Stabilization Available
Smart Album Available
Recharging Time Approx. 4 sec.
Smart Movie Available
File Format DCF/ EXIF 2.21 / DPOF 1.1 / File Formats
Media Micro SD Card(up to 2GB guaranteed)
Editing Resize,Rotate,Trimming, Photo Editor 2.0 – Rotate, Trimming, Effect, Storyboard Maker
Speaker Mono
Microphone Stereo
Inputs & Outputs
USB 2.0 Available
HDMI Available
Power Source 4.2V DC
Battery BP70A
Product Size (WxHxD) 3.62″ x 2.21″ x .72″

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