Samsung PN60E8000

An impressive 60-inch plasma HDTV

A plasma TV that has the most features out of all the other models currently enjoying popularity? Yes, such a device exists. It’s alive and kicking and it’s called the $2,399 Samsung PN60E8000. This set is really the best in that department out of all the sets we’ve seen since 2012 debuted. It completely outdoes itself in many other areas, such as voice and gesture control, upgradeable CPU, Smart TV suite and many more you’ll discover for yourselves in our latest review. We tested this product and here is what we learned about it.

Superb design

It really should go without too much saying that Samsung has rarely produced a hideous or plain-looking gadget. The South Korean company remains almost unequaled in terms of looks. The PN60E8000 almost nails it in the superb design department, minus the stand. It looks really out of place with its chrome plate and its splay-legged construction. But that’s only a small con, it’s not something that will make or break the TV. The set’s color is black, you won’t see that gray from earlier versions anymore. Which is a huge pro, since it was the only detail that didn’t work for us. The body of this device is also thinner. Depth is only 1.9″. The edge is, as usual, transparent. Only that, compared to others, it’s sleeker and narrower. Putting this model next to the company’s older ST50 will show you that you deal with a TV that’s more elegant than ever before.Samsung-PN60E8000

Unchanged menu

The device’s menus remain unchanged. And that is fabulous, because it means you won’t have problems using them. For a newbie that’s great news. Text has the quality of being very clear. The color of this menus is also great: blue with rounded edges. Every item in any menu is offered with an explanation to know what you’re doing at any time. The time it took to get a response from them was excellent where speed was concerned.

The remote control is very different on the PN60E8000 TV. You get the usual clicker, sure, but you are also offered a second clicker. This one uses a touchpad. The latter is supposed to make things even easier to open and use. But in our tests, that proved to be a lie. Our frustration grew by the second. The second clicker was either unresponsive or it was so very twitchy. There is no Menu button. The entire review wasn’t a very pleasant experience altogether. If you want to use the normal remote instead, well… you won’t like that one too much, either. We sure didn’t.

Smart Evolution technology

As for features, here’s where the party starts. The PN60E8000 sports a Bluetooth-to-IR blaster which is powered by a battery. This feature enables the set to control a Blu-ray/DVD player, a cable box or both of them directly. It does it via gesture and voice commands. Then this TV is the only plasma one to get upgrades though a feature called Smart Evolution. You also get integrated Wi-Fi. And 2 pairs of 3D glasses.Samsung-PN60E8000-angle

Picture settings were excellent. They work for 2D as well as 3D. They are one of the reasons why this product has such superb picture quality. Black levels, colors, brightness, 3D, 2D and video processing all deliver the best results out of any other plasma TV.

Review conclusion

We were, as you can see, very pleased with Samsung’s PN60E8000. Buy it if you want real quality for the price.

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