Samsung WB150F

A superzoom digital camera

Samsung’s WB150F has quickly made a name for itself by incorporating an 18x zoom lens. What’s remarkable about this camera is that it packs that feature into a body that’s really compact. That is not, to be honest, what will attract you to this gadget. The real jewel in the palace is support for Wi-Fi. This will basically help you when you want to upload some pics to Facebook, for example. Not everything’s peachy with this device, but you’ll discover what we mean in the following review. Which is, as usual, based on tests.

WiFi technology

The $229.99 Samsung WB150F comes off, at a very first look, as a small camera. What causes that are its very own measurements: 2.4″ x 4.2″ x 0.9″. Which are made all the more amazing because of their ability to hold a big 18x zoom lens. You can have as much control over this gadget as you want. Thanks to its physical controls. Such as Flash control, Macro mode and Self Timer. In the Menu you will find all kinds of settings. We never went wrong with it in our tests. A menu for that super duper WiFI option will open once you access the camera’s Mode dial. Once you’ve done that, the WB150F will then connect to whatever network it happens upon. And, even if you set a security key, once you enter it the gadget will remember it.Samsung-WB150F

The experience you will get while using this cam will feel similar to what a smartphone is capable of. Of course, minus a touchscreen. Icons full of pretty colors indicate the device’s options.

3 inch LCD display

There are quite a bunch of apps. A Remote Viewfinder one that is free of cost for Android and iOS devices allows users to use their phones so as to have full control over the WB150F. One can do all kinds of stuff with this app. For instance: turn the flash on/off, zoom the lens in/out and so on. Things that are more advanced are not supported here. And the biggest con here: bad live view feed. Samsung should change this asap. And they should also work on improving operating range. Which currently is limited to only 30 feet. Another app, Social Sharing, enabled us to post our pics to sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Picasa and others of importance.

On the back, the WB150F has a 3″ LCD display. Its resolution is 460k dots. Which will deliver both sharpness and brightness in excellent values.

Not very fast

Speed is a second con for this camera. While its recently reviewed rivals provide generous speeds, this model disappoints. Starting it up took 3.9 seconds, which is a lot more than competing models. Shutter lag: 0.6 seconds. Time it required between pics: 1.7 seconds. Image noise is also a sore spot for this camera. Through ISO 200, image noise is kept below 1.5%, a disappointing mark. ISO 400 delivered noise was 1.8%. Even so, details were still present in pics. At ISO 800, photos looked a whole lot cleaner. Videos weren’t brilliant, but they managed to satisfy our overly critical sense. Each clip was recorded in an MP4 format and aren’t full 1080p. The camera’s lens did not make noises while refocusing and zooming in/out. But don’t rely in this gadget to play your movies on your TV.Samsung-WB150F-front

Review conclusion

The Samsung WB150F is quite a feat of technology and specs if you want a gadget to share pics instantly on a social network. And it does that easily while costing little.

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