Sony Alpha SLT-A65

A powerful DSLR at an affordable price

When Sony released its Alpha 77 SLT, it also presented the Alpha SLT-A65. If you don’t know, the former gained a lot of popularity among photographers and rookies in this art. From tests we performed on the latter model, we’d say that it surely is following in its so-called big brother’s steps. Where the 77 was expensive, the 65 is $1159.90. This simple to use camera is nonetheless great when it comes to functionality, features and performance. Here’s a look at this product in the following review we prepared for you.

24MP Exmor CMOS sensor

Sony Alpha SLT-A65 recommends itself as a beast of a camera. Reason: the 24MP offered by the Exmor APS-C-sized CMOS sensor. The design sets it apart from the mass of other cams because of a mirror. This mirror will reflect the light that enters via the device’s lens into a prism; the latter’s job is to resolve the photo in the camera’s optical viewfinder. To put it simply: the SLT-A65 DSLR snaps pics and records videos more quickly than competitors. It also focuses with great speed. But the compromise is that the viewfinder is an electronic one which, though good, might get on the nerves of some consumers.Sony-Alpha-SLT-A65

2D and 3D sweep panorama

There were no accidents or sores to our hands when we held the camera during the tests. The grips for thumbs are a blessing; and so was the surface: it had a lovely texture. These two facts are both excellent means of holding a gadget of this kind. The top and the rear are home to various keys through which the camera shows its magic. Features are very well represented and without them the camera wouldn’t have the same charm. Thankfully Sony added sweep panorama in 2D and 3D to this version, too. It would have been a surprising move if they’d renounce it, since it’s a very good addition to any camera. The LCD screen of SLT-A65 did anything we put it through, like virtually any odd shooting angles. And it still managed to deliver good results no matter what.

Creative minds will have quite a blast with the sort of effects offered by the Alpha SLT-A65. Even advanced users will find them attractive and much fun. Auto ISO range is not customizable, though, and the shutter speed is rather slow. But it didn’t get on our nerves.

Without noise problems

But what it all boils down to in the end for any camera is the performance. Sony didn’t disappoint us so far. So naturally the model we’re writing this review about is proof that Sony still has brilliance. We sure as heck didn’t need glasses to look at pictures: they displayed all the details we needed. Noise wasn’t a problem and great quality was seen in all the photos we took, even when light was bad. The colors provided by SLT-A65 were absolutely lovely and accurate. Waiting between shots didn’t feel as if we were using a snail of a camera, no sir.

Absolutely all the content we recorded looked clear as water and the stereo sound was of good quality. On the screen of our HDTV, the recorded videos were fabulous. And we could use the camera’s GPS system to record info about locations and adding it to the EXIF data of all the pics and videos.

Review conclusion

However we look at the matter, the Sony Alpha SLT-A65 does everything that the Alpha 77 does very well. Even if it costs less to have it.

Technical specifications

Total Megapixels: 24.7
Sensor Manufacturer: Sony
Sensor Type: CMOS
Effective Megapixels: 24.3
Sensor Size (dia.): 1.11″
Self-Cleaning: Yes
Sensor Format: APS-C
Movie Audio: AVCHD 2.0 / MP4; Audio :Dolby Digital (AC-3) / MPEG-4 AAC-LC
Image File Format: JPEG (EXIF 2.3), MPO (3D), RAW (ARW 2.3), RAW+JPEG
Available resolutions: 6000 x 4000 (24.0 MP, 3:2),
8192 x 1856 (15.2 MP, Other),
7152 x 1080 (7.7 MP, Other),
6000 x 3376 (20.3 MP, 16:9),
4912 x 1080 (5.3 MP, Other),
4240 x 2832 (12.0 MP, Other),
4240 x 2400 (10.2 MP, Other),
3008 x 2000 (6.0 MP, 3:2),
3008 x 1688 (5.1 MP, Other),
2160 x 5536 (12.0 MP, Other),
2160 x 3872 (8.4 MP, Other),
1920 x 1080 (2.1 MP, 16:9)
12416 x 1856 (23.0 MP, Other),
Battery characteristics: Lithium-ion rechargeable
Power Proprietary NP-FM500H
Battery Type: 1 x Proprietary NP-FM500H Lithium-ion rechargeable
Total Weight: 21.9 oz (622 g)

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  1. Carmen

    Even the price is a affordable one, I like the overall capabilities of the camera. Compared with its expensive brothers, this one looks awesome and is more easy to use.

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