Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX10V

A new megazoom camera

There’s no stopping Sony when it comes to manufacturing dependable compact cameras. They’ve always had a good reputation, so the Cyber-shot DSC-HX10V was bound to be a good one right from the start. And the tests we did proved that that was the case. The model is especially riveting since it packs features found on the company’s HX9V and the HX7V made last year. But about that you’ll read in our interview in a bit. The device has good specs and costs $328 on Amazon.

Simple design

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX10V is that kind of camera that doesn’t make a fuss about being the best-looking device on the block. Instead, its design is simple. The weight might seem like much; but it actually doesn’t prevent the product from fitting in pockets or bags. Some cons to the overall nice looks were, for one, the keys located on the rear. They weren’t large enough; because of that, some of our readers will have problems pressing them. You can always get accustomed with something like that, but for many this is a turn-off. The button you press to record content is also small. So when we found our-self pressing it in tests, we couldn’t really tell if it was doing its thing or not. So it will be quite a pain. The front of the camera has a grip made of rubber. This is a pro, because it means you’ll be able to hold on to it accordingly.Sony-Cyber-Shot-DSC-HX10V

Easy to use menu

The menus we used while reviewing the CyberShot DSC-HX10V provided a very easy to perform navigation. A manual contained by the cam will help you along the way if you fail to understand something. It will prove very useful to beginners, because the device is equipped with quite many settings, modes, options and such. But if you’ve used such a product before, you’re safe from issues. The camera’s interface will more than once prove frustrating: it moves very slowly.

The gadget graces its consumers with a resolution of 18MP. That isn’t synonymous with great photos, though. The maximum ISO of this device is 12800. But who will really use that and expect amazing results? No one. But fortunately, more sensible values – meaning reduced size – deliver pics that can be used at any time anywhere. So for uploading them on Twitter, Facebook and whatnot, this cam will turn them out alright at smaller ISOs.

Medium speed

Cameras made by Sony are renowned for delivering photos with colors that are very beautiful and bright. You can, if you don’t like how the device processed colors in a shot, arrange things your way with some sliders. All of these options also work in auto modes if you prefer them. Movies we captured with the DSC-HX10V look as good as the photos. Movement is smooth and it’s made possible by the cam’s image stabilization and its frame rate. But if you’re set on snapping pics with subjects that move around a lot, this device will deliver them as over sharpened subjects. A stereo microphone is also featured. The cam’s optical zoom made a bit of noise, but nothing too annoying.

Performance of shooting time was similar to what any other compact megazoom based on CMOS would produce. 1.1 seconds was the time registered by the device to take its very first shot. Shutter lag was 0.3 second (whenever light was bright) and 0.7 second (in dim light). Demanding tasks deliver a 7.5fps. Normal ones: up to 10fps. 340 shots is the amount of content allowed by the battery. In normal use, that is.

Review conclusion

Sony and its CyberShot DSC-HX10V will surprise you in the best way possible. But not enough to give up on other cams.

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