Sony KDL-46HX853

A 46 inch HDTV

Sony, one of the most appreciated manufacturers in the world, joins the ranks of producers announcing new devices. The Japanese company’s latest addition is one called KDL-46HX853. For those of you who do not know yet, this is a TV that, in our books – and in many others’ – is among the best sets made until the present day. The product might very well mean a rejuvenation for the manufacturer. Because years of unsuccessful creations managed to make faithful consumers migrate to other brands. So here is the latest TV that comes with a lot of promise. Our review will tell you if it rises up to expectations in tests.

Gorilla Glass display

The design adopted by the Sony KDL-46HX853 did not go through that many make-up efforts. The manufacturer thought it fit to maintain the same looks called Monolithic. However, if you look more closely, embellishments make their entrance in the general design. The bezel is not an all-black one. It comes with a glinting metallic outer trim. It’s the sort that makes a very nice contrast with the rest of the elements. The slimness of the bezel is something to appreciate for what it is. So it’s good to know this set is aiming to follow the current trend instead of remaining anchored in the past. The display features the already fashionable Gorilla Glass covering. So don’t expect the TV to suffer from damage, objects reflecting off of it and other such annoying things.Sony-KDL-46HX853

The desktop stands is the piece of resistance. Such an exquisite-looking device had to have a solid and equally attractive support for its weight. Which is not at all high. The stand offers possibilities such as back tilting. The latter will provide the KDL-46HX853 with a profile that is going to strike owners as very elegant. And it will make the product tons friendlier to use. The set also sports a speaker system that is more proficient and enhanced than what was used on models made in the past.

Easy to connect

As for connections, the device boasts one LAN port, 4 HDMI, integrated Wi-Fi and 2 USB. All these ports and such are able to provide speeds of a flagship nature. We even managed to share the TV’s video to Sony’s Tablet S in our tests.

Hanging the KDL-46HX853 on a wall was as easy as brushing your teeth. That was mostly thanks to how the connections were placed. Photo, music and video file formats that are as many and as different as possible are easily played by this TV. You can use your comp or an USB stick for that and get the best results.

Good image provided

The set’s interface will not be very helpful in the beginning. If, however, you concentrate a bit, everything will soon become easier. And its main pro is the menus which look very good and via which viewers can watch all sorts of online content. You can even keep track of Twitter and Facebook as well. The Apps section covers all the most important grounds. You even have access to an unlimited film rental service.Sony-KDL-46HX853-front

On to performance, though, you will no doubt be amazed with how good contrast was. The quality of blacks was also a pleasure to behold. And not to forget quality of colors, we’ll simply say it was really great. Sound was also professional. Sharpness and clarity were both a great sight to see. 2D and 3D provide the same excellent quality.

Review conclusion

In essence, the Sony KDL-46HX853 is a TV that will leave you with a strong impression.

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