Sony Xperia S

The first phone without Ericsson

It took a while, but Sony is now at last free of the Ericsson in its old name. To celebrate its newly acquired independence, the Japanese giant thought to itself: what would be the better way to show the world we are working on a sole name? And the answer came in the form of a new smartphone. Sony Xperia S is the name this handset bears, so you’ll locate it faster if you want to get it for yourself or a friend. Throughout our tests we thought it still lacked some important things to make it (almost) perfect. See what gave us that impression in the following review.

Low quality materials

At CES which took place this January, the Sony Xperia S was quite a handsome smartphone. But, looking at it again, it’s kind of lost its initial visual appeal. To us anyway. There is only plastic under the display, so this might very well be a con for the device. Especially when you rake a look around and see the kind of premium materials used on other smartphones. There are really not enough visual elements to make the Xperia S unforgettable. A couple of the ports even are made of the same cheap-looking plastic. The product can be purchased in either black or white. If you are still bent on buying this phone, then we advise you to get the black model.Sony-Xperia-S

Thankfully, there is no glossy element here to make us go gaga. Corners are not rounded. The surface is matte and comfort-wise all’s good. Even when you have a 4.3″ touchscreen at your disposal to use. The phone sports a clear plastic section which deserves a mention of its own. Mainly because it offers a lot of fun experiences. The reason behind that: it features 3 white icons. And it glows. So when we charged the phone or received a text message, the device started to glow.

Limited features

On the front of the Xperia S are some keys sensitive to your touch. But they lack a sense of practicality. Getting a response from them was difficult. Pressing them several times won’t get you that far. The 1.3MP cam is, this time, armed with more sharpness. Video calls looked good thanks to it; pics, also.

The device lacks the possibility to have an expandable memory. The battery isn’t removable. Storage is integrated with the phone and is 32GB. We didn’t really get why Sony decided to have the charging port covered in plastic flaps. It makes charging the device a pain and a con for a feature.

Powered by Android Gingerbread

The display of the Xperia S has a res of 720p. It’s the biggest pro of the new Sony phone. It’s what we’ve been waiting for in the first place. The iPhone 4S still reigns supreme here, though. The panel is, thanks to the resolution, really sharp. Everything you look at has a smooth and nice look. An, even if more info appears on the display, it’s very easy to read in all the tests performed by our review team. Viewing angles are not remarkable.

For the time being, the OS is still Android Gingerbread. An update is scheduled to make its entrance in the near future. Speed is great, due to a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU. The camera leaves much to be desired, sadly.

Review conclusion

The Sony Xperia S makes for a truly nice smartphone. It still has a lot to polish to become better.

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