Sony Xperia U

A successful smartphone

Japanese manufacturer Sony comes yet again with an instantly successful smartphone. At least that was what we thought as we tested this model yesterday. If you are low on your budget, the price of a gadget will play an important role. But fear not, the Xperia U costs only from 150 onward. The review we wrote after we finished our batch of tests will tell you more on what we made of this new phone.

A low price

Don’t raise your eyebrow at the low price of the Sony Xperia U. Because that does not reflect how it looks. This model looks really good. The format it has helps the user put it in a pocket and forget it’s even there. The build looks fragile, and it shows even in the first use if you are not careful and put pressure around its middle. However, you need to have small hands to use this model. When we used swiping, the phone showed us a bunch of lights that had different colors. Like a chameleon., but they cannot be turned off. The manufacturer called this mood lighting. We are not sure if it will be a big hit with the consumers, though.

The display is not large at all. Its 3.5″ makes everything look very narrow. We had problems when typing stuff. And from personal experience, the surface of the phone will get dirty rather fast.Sony-Xperia-U

3.5 inch touchscreen

Ports are as follows: 1 microUSB and 1 jack to use for headphones. Memory is 8GB. We found that 4GB can be used by the phone’s owner. The battery is relatively easy to remove. You also get one SIM slot. The device features no microSD card slot. The buttons for cam, Volume and Power are all physical. They did not reply fast enough during testing.

The front of the Xperia U is taken by that cramped 3.5″ touchscreen which sports a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. Apart from being extremely narrow, it also has a tendency to flex. But its major pro is that it offers fast feedback. The quality of brightness and colors is decent. The best use for this type of display, though, is when you want to look at applications.

The processor is a 1GHz dual-core chip. You cannot multitask with it. But it responds very well to tasks that are not demanding. It will lag while opening apps, though.

Powered by Android Gingerbread

The operating system is an older Android version, namely Gingerbread. So this will be another con for many who hoped an Ice Cream Sandwich. However, give this OS a chance. It does not suck that bad. The interface is really easy to use. But the interface for camera and the one used for sending/receiving messages lack intuitiveness.

The camera on the device’s front is apt at handling video chats. The 5MP cam on the phone’s rear takes fairly good photos. Minus the grain they show. The videos, on the other hand, are less good.

The overall quality of the phone calls we made with Xperia U was OK. Those we called did not have anything bad to say about how we sounded. The smartphone’s audio performance could have been tons better if we did not experience a bunch of interference.

One day of use is completely guaranteed by the device.

Review conclusion

The conclusion of our review is the following: the Sony Xperia U will be a viable choice for consumers who want to opt for a cheap smartphone. Its nice design will also be seen as a pro point. And the fact that it can be used for daily tasks will also count in its favor.

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