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More responsive and faster

The TomTom GO Live 1000 is a GPS connected with a capacitive display which offers Live services for free for one year after the purchase. TomTom producer announced last year its GPS connected called GO Live 1000. With a new look and a magnetic handy, it also benefits from new elegant software and hardware. A big advantage of this gadget is that it comes with one year of free access to Live services. A big plus, to say the least.

The manufacturer TomTom launched in 2010 its GPS connected, the GO Live 1000. In a presentation to the press, we were able to take a look at the product, which is now on the market (since June 2010). Here are our first impressions.

The platform is changed

Tomtom-GO-Live-1000The processor behind this GPS is ARM 11 and runs with 500MHz. This GPS circuitry is supposedly faster than this value. It has a new graphics accelerator, 4 GB of internal memory, 128 MB of RAM: this GPS is built around solid components. In our opinion, hardly enough to be a genius, because the competition does the same. But it remains quite promising – on paper at least.

Its potential, as we must take into account the main force of this TomTom, is its browser. During the tests we’ve performed, we’ve seen on multiple occasions that the TomTom Navigator worked seamlessly on this type of platforms rather inefficiently. The manufacturer promises to make almost instantaneous calculations for a trip of less than 250 kilometers. If we fail to validate these claims, we tried it on a journey of a thousand miles, as the device was calculated in ten seconds.

Interesting design

The new look is now available with the TomTom GO in 1000. The rear housing which offers an impressive finish is dressed in a brushed aluminum case, very elegant as well. The front comes in a nice black plastic finish, but that does not fit the “standing” of this gadget.

A small problem, however, the cigarette lighter cord is also detachable and therefore magnetic. But this is the same cable that also acts as USB cable used to connect the camera to his computer. In our opinion, this is a bad idea, because if you forget your cord on the desk before you leave, you can not charge your GPS on the route.

A multi-screen GPS solution

For maximum comfort, the manufacturer has incorporated a capacitive display of a 10.9 cm diagonal. First impressions of this review are flattering: bright screen, good image resolution and increased sensitivity. Some big news is the multipoint mode included in its features. This improvement was absent at the pre-production model we saw, which also suffers from certain delays which we are told that they will compensate with serial products. It is possible to make finger movements, as with the iPhone (pinch zooming, for example) to control the multiple functions of the device.

HD Traffic included

With less than 400 euros, this reviewed version includes the maps of about 45 European countries (the two versions of the United States and Canada should also be announced). We already know that the product is supplied with one year of free access to Live services. Remember that these services include high definition traffic information (available on a permanent basis), camera alerts in partnership with Coyote systems (and the TomTom community), weather information, data on fuel prices at gas stations around and local search Google, which provides information on millions of points of increasingly varied interest Another good point for TomTom GO Live 1000 is that these services cost 5 euros per month after the free access during the year after the purchase expires.
As for the rest, there is a Bluetooth module and a built-in microphone for free hands calls and not only. The microphone is also used for your convenient navigation, since it picks up sounds in the cockpit and automatically adjusts the volume of guidance instructions. This option can fortunately be turned off to avoid any discomfort. Finally, IQ Routes technology and home Map Share are also represented in the GO Live 1000 GPS.

Positive points (pros)

* The speed of processor and results;
* The new magnetic backing for GPS fixing;
* The new multi touch display;
* Free access to Live services for one year after purchasing;

Negative points (cons)

* The old-fashioned design;
* The unique USB cord for charging and cigarette lighters.

Technical specifications

Screen Size (diagonal inches): 10,9 inch (as tested)
GPS Software included: TomTom Navigator;
Maps included in price: Europe map;
Radar info provided: Yes;
Traffic Info provided: Yes;

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  1. I personally don’t have any problem with the detachable cable. If you forget the cable on your desk, you’re the moron, not TomTom. I quite like it. Also must say that TomTom’s customer service is out of this world.

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