Toshiba 46TL868

A 46 inch LED HDTV

The world we’re currently living in is obsessed with smartphones and tablets. The majority of people don’t really see any other gadgets besides these two. And they miss on what could bring them much joy as well. Fortunately, there are others left who appreciate other devices, too. We’re talking about TVs in particular. About the Toshiba 46TL868 in the case of our review here. The unit was really close to receiving an award from us. But some things stopped us from doing that. Find out here what they were.

Very thin bezel

Toshiba doesn’t stray away from quality products that often. It practically has great performance in the blood of its employees. Samsung is the second brand to have that success with their combo of features, performance and good price. Design of this device is premium. The manufacturer borrowed the slender feature sported by the 46TL868 on its bezel. The edges on the left, right and top are of only 1cm. The 46TL868 is a cool-looking product and has good specs. And, to top that is its possibility to sit in the same comfortable way as your regular 42″ TV. The fact that the bezel is practically invisible is very nice. We could, throughout our tests, pay more attention to what we were watching. It’s a trend that seems to catch on with other manufacturers, too. And that’s great. The bezel has a matte finish instead of that glossy one that seems to be favored by most companies.Toshiba-46TL868

Places technology

In the connectivity department, the 46TL868 has certain cons. The majority of options made it a hard task to hang this TV on a wall. Because they faced directly out of the back of this unit. But that was the only issue. Looking immediately past it we saw that ports were plenty. They were as many as on those TVs which cost 3 times as much as this model. And they are the following: 2 USB, 4 HDMI, satellite LNB input, LAN and RF input. Regarding the LNB and RF inputs: thank something that this TV is a freeview HD.

Toshiba offers a platform called Places. In the past, it was always a pain to use it. But this recent 46TL868 brought new services to it. Facebook and a service known as AceTrax movie purchase/rental. Dailymotion, BBC iPlayer, Flickr and other nice offerings have received new versions. There is still, though, room for improvement, because other TVs sport better platforms with far superior options.

Impressive 3D performance

In 2D, the device delivers very rich colors. There is a lot of range in the TV’s tones. But 2 picture presets called Hollywood provided us with strange-looking colors. So we started using a preset called Standard. Because it offered great colors. Black levels were very good. Feeds in high definition had much sharpness when we watched them. Brightness doesn’t disappoint. But this is a TV that doesn’t harm the environment even when it produces good brightness: only 118kW are consumed annually. The cons we experienced with 2D were two. One of them was the backlighting’s inconsistency. The second one was flattening of color range in standard definition pics.

Performance in 3D left us impressed as well. Colors are the same beautiful ones as in 2D. They also have great depth and brightness. Details were so very fine and there was no flickering.

Because it has a slender body, speakers are not much to talk about. So audio quality is not brilliant.

Review conclusion

The Toshiba 46TL868 doesn’t cost a lot. It’s great to see that even despite that, its performance is good.

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