Toshiba Portege Z835-P370

A decently new laptop

Ultrabooks have gained a very good reputation ever since their breakthrough. It’s a well-earned success, because they have all these new and interesting features. As a plus: the performance of such a device is very reliable. But some of the models lack important things. Like an Ethernet port. Japanese company Toshiba released their first ever Portege Z835 some years ago. It gained many positive remarks. The manufacturer then released a follow up to that version. It’s still affordable, but its looks are still underrated. Let’s see if the inside makes up for the outside from this review.

Thin and light

The first ultrabook became a hot topic half an year ago. It certainly feels longer than that. What we mean by that: we’ve been surrounded by these products almost everywhere. And then each time a laptop is announced, you know it will be have little weight and plenty of thinness. Also, its storage will be some great one. Sure enough, that’s how the laptop turns out after a while of its announcement.Toshiba-Portege-Z835-P370

The Toshiba Portege Z835-P370 doesn’t really stand out when time comes to talk about its design. The previous model had a chassis with a highly frail-looking feel to it. Like it would not necessarily take a lot of strain. The slimness factor was there, but it wasn’t as accentuated as on other ultrabooks. Thinness and lightness are exactly as they should be on such a product in the case of the model we tested. The casing made from magnesium alloy recommends the device as being a solid one.

13 inch display

The flex we encountered with the lid reminded us that this was a cheap ultrabook. Like its predecessor, this Z835-P370 keeps the identical keyboard and touchpad. Which is to say: bad typing experience and gesture movement.

The buttons on the keyboard have a really small surface and are shallow. The space bar was very frustrating. But in all of this big con is a pro: this is a keyboard with backlight. The keys on the touchpad had a really cheap plastic look and feel to them. A nice touch to it: on/off key above it. This is great thinking if you do not want to press the surface of the touchpad by accident.

The 1,366 x 768 pixels of the 13″ screen are the exact same ones as on the other model. When used in direct light, the display tends to have an uneven look to it.

Intel Core i5 processor

Inputs, ports and their brothers are decently represented on the Aspire Z835-P370. Ethernet jacks are not so common on various ultrabooks. But this one models has such a connectivity option.

This ultrabook has a relatively good battery. Its running time in our tests: 5 hours. That’s nowhere near enough for such a product. But seeing as it is a cheap alternative, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise. The reason for this decent battery life is the CPU. The latter is an Intel Core i5. Performance was definitely improved, but not so much as to claim a stellar overall quality.

Warranty for the product we reviewed today was the standard 1-year. Customer support is good and very easy to contact. Help is also offered via the Internet.

Review conclusion

The Acer Aspire Z835-P370 is, without the shadow of a doubt, not the best ultrabook that is sold right now. There are many other models which are so much better than this one.

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  1. Cruela

    The glossy display can be used as mirror. I don’t like its panel because sometimes is difficult to be used in direct light.

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