Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5540

A cheap 15.6 inch laptop

Toshiba can be a lot of things for a lot of different people. The best quality that recommends them is how reliable their products are. Name any such device the company creates and you will get only positive remarks about it. So if you want good performance, good design and a bunch of other pros, try one of their gadgets. In this review we’ll see how the Satellite C655D-S5540 handled the tests we prepared for it.

Not impressive design

Toshiba is one of the kings of gadgets. That’s why we chose their latest laptop for our review. And how could we not do it? The first to lure us in was the price: $399.99 on Amazon. It’s a great take on budget laptops, you shouldn’t miss it. We weren’t immensely taken with the design; the Satellite C655D-S5540 doesn’t have as main intention to dazzle with looks. Its main reason of existence is to be a good companion to its owner in his or her activities. This is a simple yet not ugly laptop. Its 5.5 pounds and 9.8″ x 15″ x 1.5″ are perfect for moving with this model from one part of your house to the next. And the device sits well in whatever place you think to place it in.Toshiba-Satellite-C655D-S5540

TruBrite technology

The lid worked nicely when we opened it to see the laptop. And we did that a couple of times to test whether it would break down. It didn’t, not even one bit. Turning our attention from the lid, we took a look at the screen. This 15.6″ display is high definition; its TruBrite technology and the fact that it is LED-backlit are ingredients which help a whole lot with viewing content on the C655D-S5540. But these specs were backed up by a resolution of 1366 x 768 and an aspect ratio of 16:9. Through their combined efforts the screen showed its best quality to us. The colors jumped at us with their beauty and brightness was a given. Movie scenes with many dark areas in them were delivered in all of their details. From what we could observe, keeping a bright light on there was no reflection from the display. And it didn’t become target for dust or fingerprints.

The keyboard of C655D-S5540 is in our personal top 3. Our fingers felt very comfortable while typing away on it. And the palm rest area was a great way to relax our palms. Sound was, of course, strong.

Dual core AMD E-450 processor

The dream of every laptop owner is to see their device run like a cheetah. Toshiba’s Satellite C655D-S5540 is slower than that. But not slower than a snail. The dual-core AMD E-450 accelerated CPU in its description shares its chip with a GPU. These two elements unite their strengths and perform admirably. We didn’t fear for our multitasking affecting the general performance. We didn’t even think that we’d have to go through lagging; and in the end our feelings proved right. The fact the CPU and GPU work on the same chip also reduces the amount of power the laptop consumes. And so less time is needed to perform your daily work.

Despite the manufacturer claiming a 6-hour worth of battery life, we got 4 and a half hours. That’s anyway better than the usual battery offered by countless other laptops.

Review conclusion

The Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5540 is another device to make itself quickly noticed. While not as packed to bursting point with whatnot, you’ll have a hard time disliking it.

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