Samsung UN65D8000


We haven’t yet ended our journey in the land of Samsung TVs. But this time we will end it by adding a review about the company’s $2,500 UN65D8000. It didn’t disappoint us in the slightest. We will share with you why this device took our fancy.

A display of 65″ welcomed us when we turned this TV on. Other specs are these: 16:9 aspect ratio, 1920 x…

Sharp LC70LE847U


We don’t consider the Sharp LC70LE847U as one of the best TVs in its category. But we wouldn’t say it’s awful, either. The thing is: it didn’t really impress as much as others when we tested it. Here is a review that will convince you of that. Or maybe not. But in the end it’s up to you what you want from a TV. So here…

Samsung UN65ES8000


Samsung’s box of delights is never-ending. So we took advantage of this and tested their UN65ES8000. This TV belongs to a series that includes some of the best models we have had the pleasure of reviewing. The…

Mitsubishi WD-82740


People over at Mitsubishi have unleashed a new model from their bag of cookies. And they chose WD-82740 as its name. As soon as we found out, we rushed to test it and see it it really stood up to what the company said about it when they launched it. Long story short: yes, it did. We are going to try and convince you with our…

Sharp Elite PRO-70x5FD


A new TV is in the house. The Sharp Elite PRO-70x5FD comes in at a whooping $7,999.99. But rest assured that it is worth every cent. As you will see by reading the review we prepared for today.

The Elite PRO-70x5FD is ready to deliver what must be one of the best viewing experiences. For that it ses the following specs, features and connectivity options. But first…

Samsung UN65ES6500


The TV sets in Samsung’s UN series are some of the best we have ever seen. But, as was expected, there had to be an exception to the rule. And it arrived in the form of the company’s UN65ES6500, reviewed today. We expected more from it, but it sort of let us down somewhat. Below you are going to find out why.

This is a TV with…

Samsung UN60ES7500


We’ve had our share of Samsung TVs to rate. But it doesn’t hurt to review one more. Today we are ticking the company’s UN60ES7500 off our list. It was a great pleasure testing it, that much is true. And you’ll find out why next.

As expected from a TV made by Samsung, the UN60ES7500 features plenty of great specs. Which are as follows: a 60″ screen, 1920…

Mitsubishi WD-92840


It seems that there is a TV that has gathered quite a lot of negative opinions. The name of this device is Mitsubishi WD-92840. In this review we will show you that you have almost nothing to dislike about this model.

The Mitsubishi WD-92840 is not going to go unnoticed. That’s because it measures 25″ x 82″ x 55″. The screen itself is 92″. Which is literally…

Samsung UN46ES6580


Samsung and its $999 UN46ES6580 wants to bring to the market of TVs a device that doesn’t cost much, but is still able to deliver good value. We put it to the test and we got the following results that we are sharing with you in the form of this review.

The UN46ES6580 has, as its name indicates, a screen of 46″. Which is semi-matte. The panel…

Samsung UN40ES6500


The air was hot with anticipation before Samsung unleashed its UN40ES6500 to the world. But as some of the most impatient consumers took this TV home and began using it, they didn’t really like it. Here are our own 2 cents on the matter.

The Samsung UN40ES6500 has, like all of the company’s products, great looks. The bezel, for one, is really slim: 0.5″. On the whole,…

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