Philips 40PFL7705DV/F7


All those consumers who have high performance on their minds when it comes to a product of whatever nature should do well and try some of Philips’ creations. The company released a new device, called 40PFL7705DV/F7. All the testing we did on this model turned out fabulous results. Which we are going to describe in this review. So come and lend your eyes to it.

The Philips…

LG 47LD950


There are a whole lot of products that will cause, or already have, plenty of raised eyebrows. That is because they are not quite sure what they want to deliver to consumers. So they include all sorts of features and so on to make up for a not so great performance. As is the case with the LG 47LD950 TV set. Which we reviewed to see…

Sharp LC80LE844U


We felt like we hadn’t reviewed a TV for a long time. So we set our eyes on Sharp’s LC80LE844U. That resulted in us wanting to see how it would fare in a couple of tests. What follows below is what happened during them.

The Sharp LC80LE844U comes in an all-black color. The size of the display is 80″. This is a 16:9 panel with a 4ms…

Samsung UN75ES9000


Another TV set we wished to try out is Samsung’s UN75ES9000. This is a product which truly rises up to expectations. And by reading our review you will see what we mean.

In the next paragraph we will tackle this TV’s spec list. The UN75ES9000 has the following: a 75″ screen, a 240 Hz screen refresh rate, 1920 x 1080 pixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio. Features…

Panasonic Viera TC-L42ET5


We are already living in a day and age where gadgets have to be thinner, lighter, more attractive and so on than ever before. So every manufacturer out there is looking for ways to make it happen. Panasonic decided to come with something new in the TC department. Enter their Viera TC-L42ET5 set. About which we will expand in the review we prepared for today.

A 42-inch…

Panasonic Viera TC-L47WT50


As it sometimes happens, a gadget that has just been released will not manage to give the kind of performance it was expected of it. This is what happened to us when we tested Panasonic’s Viera TC-L47WT50. It starts out as a nice TV, but in the end it will only disappoint. We will illustrate what we mean with the following review.

A new 47 inch 3D…

LG 50PM9700


We have tested countless plasma devices along the way. We have seen some very good ones and some really crappy ones. So we decided to try another one. This time we opted for LG’s $1,699.99 50PM9700. But we did not like it as much as we enjoyed its brethren. And the following review will explain the reasons behind this.

A 50-inch plasma HDTV

LG added the following specs…

Samsung UN46D6000


There are times when even a renowned manufacturer does something wrong with one or several of its creations. This is what happened to Samsung and their recent $1,000 UN46D6000. It has a seemingly impressive list of stuff which recommends it as a great TV set, But when we tested it, we saw that it was not quite so. Below you will find out more on this…

Sony Bravia KDL-46EX523


It is hard to make a name for yourself in the world of LED TVs. But a lot of manufacturers managed to gain a lot of fans for their devices. Among them, Sony. Their new Bravia KDL-46EX523 costs $1,292.95 and is a good competitor for other sets in its category. We took it for a spin to learn more about its pros and cons. Here is…

Samsung UN46ES6500F


There are not many bad things to say about Samsung’s new $1,729,99 HDTV set. In the tests we did on this device, the only negative comment we had to make was when we saw how its LED backlit panel performed. Below are the results of what we noticed put in the form of a review.

A new 46 inch HDTV

The screen of the Samsung UN46ES6500F is a…

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