Sony STR-DN1030

A new AV receiver

Even if you are not a fan of AV receivers, you can’t escape their presence. Such a device usually comes out each year, of course every time from a different manufacturer. Or from the same one who decided to do an upgrade to the previous model. Sony is one of the many companies that produced a new AV receiver which is meant to…

LG BP420

A 3D blu-ray player

The LG BP420 distinguishes itself as the sort of Blu-ray which that is very appealing to consumers thanks to the great ease with which you can employ it. Also, performance is very worth your time spent with this product. This is what we were shown during the tests we did on the latest LG device. We invite you to read more about this…

LG BD670

A blu-ray player for consumers

For a long time now, manufacturers have been rummaging through their brains trying to find new ways of improving their Blu-ray players. Some have succeeded, some have not. The latter got more ambitious, until they finally saw their wishes fulfilled. And then there was LG. This South Korean company responsible for many excellent gadgets took a different approach. In the shape of…

Panasonic DMP-BDT210

A blu-ray player with Wi-Fi

A Blu-ray player that can satisfy any kind of consumer wish is kind of hard to track down. Even so, many of the world’s most renowned manufacturers have come close to obtaining just that. Panasonic joins their ranks with this DMP-BDT210. And it impresses many blogs specialized on gadgets. We must admit, it also got to us with its many pros, albeit…

Samsung BD-E6100

A blu-ray player at a great price

South Korean Samsung does not always think of producing the most expensive gadgets. Like a smart company does, it also thinks of the little people who are not CEOs or some other categories who earn a lot of money they don’t know what to do with it. This is what their BD-E6100 is reputed for: great price. After that come…

Samsung BD-D5500‎

A new 3D blu-ray player

The Samsung BD-D5500 is a Blu-ray player which comes with a very attractive price tag and offers 3D support but has some negative aspects as well, like it doesn’t have built-in WiFi, has…

Sony BDP-S780

A new Blu-ray player is here

This year Sony released its flagship Blu-ray player and called it BDP-S780. The gadget is a direct follow-up to the BDP-S770 which was a great device loved by many, but with some flaws. From what we read about this new product, we were inclined to name it one of the best all-in-one Blu-ray players out there. Still, we thought the $250…

Panasonic DMR-HW100 ‎

Panasonic-DMR-HW100 ‎
A new HDD recorder

The guys at Panasonic are foraying into new territory with the DMR-HW100, the company’s first Freeview HDD recorder. The popular brand added to this device some features which aren’t standard to Freeview recorders. And…

LG BD690

A new powerful 3D blu-ray player

LG BD690 is the first Blu-ray player that helps users rip music CDs directly to its built-in 250GB hard drive. Only that and it should assure great sales for the device. But its advantages don’t end here: the product has added bonuses, such as streaming-media services, user interface for the streaming-media service content portal, integrated Wi-Fi and many other goodies. Surely…

Samsung BD-C6500

A new Blu-Ray player

The Korean company is back with a new device, this time a Blu-ray disc player; its name: Samsung BD-C6500. We all know how famous and loved Samsung’s products are; and let’s not forget how…

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