An affordable 3D HDTV

Nowadays it is all mainly about gadgets that can incorporate as many features as possible without overflowing. Some products have much too many, while others too few. Vizio has created a TV which sports many, but you won’t feel like drowning in them. The company’s E3D470VX goes into the category of TVs that have a lower price than usual , but their options make up for that big time. This model is the manufacturer’s best one. Internet avid people will find this device to their heart’s content. See what other treasures it holds from our next review.

Not impressive design

Vizio didn’t mean for its E3D470VX to become world famous for its design. So this TV stays away from that kind of looks that could kill. This product looks like Vizio’s older TVs from two years ago. That design is made of some familiar elements. Such as glossy frame painted black and a speaker grille along the bottom. In the middle of that speaker grille we saw a sort of dimple. But no, our eyes didn’t deceive us; it was no damage done beforehand, just a design detail.Vizio-E3D470VX

Every TV ever made needed a remote control to feel complete. The one Vizio added in the package was particularly dependable when we performed a bunch of our standard tests for this article. Considering that this is in no way an expensive set, the remote is clearly a feature which stands out. On its back is a QWERTY keyboard which will get you pretty excited. Buttons give better feedback and so typing is made more comfortable. But no backlight is available.

2 pairs of glasses included

This keyboard is set in motion not via Bluetooth, but through infrared. Even if it will feel like a con because of that, it’s not. It worked really well once we had a go at it. On the front of the remote control, things aren’t as great as on its back. Buttons were small and there also was no backlight.

As for the menu, you will love it. You won’t need to have a university degree on how to master something like it. We got quick feedback and everything was explained to us until we understood everything completely. Navigation was easy like Sunday morning.

Vizio’s expensive TV sets feature 4 pairs of passive glasses. The E3D470VX comes with only 2 pairs. And they are fully functional.

Facebook and Twitter access

Internet features can be enjoyed thanks to the device’s integrated Wi-Fi. And playing with this feature in our benchmarks proved that it was a pro. World Wide Web services are of a very good selection. Except YouTube, a conspicuous absence, all the crucial services are present.

The E3D470VX is very capable of just allowing you to simultaneously check your Facebook and also Tweet. It’s something similar to multitasking, if we can say that. Picture controls, picture modes and presets will seem a lot. But they are all very important to what the set will show you on its screen in the end. But there are absolutely no gamma presets.

Color accuracy was for all scopes and purposes brilliant. Deep shades of black on other TVs looked here shallow and washed out. The screen is matte, so there’s no way you will see reflections. Uniformity was fortunately present. 3D performance was decent.


The Vizio E3D470VX is a TV set with an array of really fitting features that not many cheap products sport.

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