A 42 inch LCD HDTV

With a gadget it is all about what you, as a company, think your priorities are. Producing a cheap device with not much to speak of? Or a creation that is breathtaking and also very easy to use? Of course, in the latter case there’s the risk of not many buying it because of the expensive price. Having a bit of best world’s is the most indicated path to take. If for you, as a consumer, the most important thing is to have a TV at an affordable price capable of streaming content wirelessly, then the Vizio E422VLE will be your thing.

Ancient design

The TV that Vizio made public to audiences this year is one which will transport you back some years ago. That happens because of the design. Which does not show we are in 2012, not 2010. If you don’t remember those times because these times’ TVs are so slim and light, we’ll tell you.

The E422VLE has its panels and frames on the thick sides. Compare those with the models reviewed these days and you’ll see the difference in dimension. Angles are way sharper. Finally, the last resemblance to old TVs is the material: a glossy surface meant for fingerprints. Lots of them, might we add. The device has a logo in the shape of letter V; what is remarkable about it is that it illuminates. Thankfully, you can turn it off if it bugs you. The stand of this TV is angular. Try as we might in tests, we could not seem to make it swivel.Vizio-E422VLE

Without QWERTY keyboard

The front of the accompanying remote control is the average one. And has no illumination. But the back of it has no QWERTY option. Which is most unfortunate for a Smart TV like this one. Also, our gripes with the front of it were the following: not a great deal of differentiation, buttons were much too small and aspect ratio couldn’t be modified via a single direct key. Vudu, Amazon Instant and Netflix had their own buttons.

You will not be offered a modified menu system. Be glad, because it’s the same great system as in past models. Speed when we expected responses was excellent. To make head or tail of what you’re doing, you don’t have to hold a special degree. Everything is laid out in the best way possible.

Wi-Fi and DLNA access

The Vizio E422VLE may be a cheap TV, however it sports many exciting and surprising features. While picture settings don’t really offer yummy things, content selection is the bomb. Many new things were added compared to last year’s offerings. Some of them: YouTube and CinemaNow. The device’s app suite is problematic. To find a certain widget you must scroll a lot until you find it. So for us, that was a frustrating experience. Wi-Fi is integrated on the E422VLE. This TV supports compatibility with DLNA.

There is a lot of connectivity going on here. One component-video, four HDMI, two USB and many others.

Picture quality is a so-and-so affair. While it’s not terribly bad, it’s not splendid either. 1080p/24 sources are not handled that well. Levels of black are poor, and so color accuracy has to suffer. Uniformity is decent. Finally a matte screen on a TV. The display on the Vizio E422VLE does not show reflections.


So yup, at the end of our benchmarks performed for this article we can conclude that this is a TV which, despite its low price, won’t leave a lot to be desired.

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  1. SirLanceALot says:

    I just bought the E422VLE and got it home. It refused to connect to my WiFi, and refused to display 1080 at all, only 720…this IS suppose to be a FULL 1080. I hooked my other 1080 back up to verify that cable box WAS outputting 1080. Still, this Vizo refused to show 1080. It also would only show 420i with component cables hooked up, even though it clearly says it will. Again, my other LED Tv worked fine, but not this one. Pay some more and get a better TV.

  2. Downxtreme says:

    Does any body knows how  I can play movies  from my  pc through the network on this  tv    e422vle   in others words how dlna works on it

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