The best gaming-friendly smartphones on the market

Mihai Mateescu | 1 year ago

With the massive boom in popularity of gaming on the go, smartphone developments are pushing the boundaries of technology even further. Here are the some of the best examples from the 2014 releases: LG G2 With a 3000mAh battery,...


Samsung ATIV Tab GT-P8510

Mihai Mateescu | 3 years ago

Samsung ATIV Tab GT-P8510 is a device we wanted to discuss here at EvoGadget for quite a while. Here is what we think about it. The visual elements that the manufacturer threw into the mix of this gadget make...


Toshiba 50L3400U

Mihai Mateescu | 5 months ago

Toshiba have done it again: theirĀ 50L3400U 50-inch 1080p 60Hz Smart LED TV came out last year. But unlike other models, this one doesn’t get a high overall grade with us. It’s not a bad device on every front, but...


ViewSonic VX2703mh-LED

Mihai Mateescu | 3 years ago

Who wants to read an article about a monitor we just stumbled upon? All of our readers? Good, then today we are going to introduce the $300 ViewSonic VX2703mh-LED to our readers. According to the company who created this...


TomTom GO LIVE 1535M

Tomescu Andrei | 3 years ago

A good alternative to Garmin GPS devices are the ones made by TomTom. The company knows how to make good products. Their $249.95 GO LIVE 1535M is the most recent addition to their line. It has both pros and...


Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12

Mihai Mateescu | 4 years ago

A solution for your drive management There are still people who can’t, for the life of them, find a hard disk management package. We’ll tell them not to give up. Because this analysis has to do with such type...


Asus Taichi 21

Mihai Mateescu | 3 years ago

A new type of gadget The demand for hybrids seems to be high. As such, Asus have released Taichi 21 which we’ll analyze here. The device in question doesn’t feature only one display, but two, and their purposes are...


Sony STR-DN1030

Mihai Mateescu | 3 years ago

A new AV receiver Even if you are not a fan of AV receivers, you can’t escape their presence. Such a device usually comes out each year, of course every time from a different manufacturer. Or from the same...

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